‘RHOBH’ Preview: Brandi Glanville Breaks Down During Spa Session

Brandi Glanville 'RHOBH'

In a RHOBH preview, Brandi Glanville is seen breaking down into tears during a conversation with her co-star, Yolanda Foster. As the two attempt to enjoy a spa day, Glanville’s emotions get the best of her, and she vents to her friend about what she feels are double standards among the group.

“I’m sick of everyone,” Glanville tells Foster in the RHOBH preview.

“I’m sick of the lectures. I’m sick of the bulls–t that everyone can say and do whatever they want and take punches at me and say I drink too much… I can’t speak my mind freely, but you guys all can? It’s bulls–t.”

In the RHOBH preview, Glanville explains that while her other co-stars have done things they should have been reprimanded for, their actions have been excused.

“Lisa Rinna can throw a glass at Kim and nearly choke her across the table and no one mentions it the next day. It’s over, gone and done.”

Meanwhile, according to Glanville’s interview during the RHOBH preview, “everything” she does gets brought up time after time — and she doesn’t think it’s fair.

Throughout the RHOBH preview, Glanville is seen crying as Foster does her best attempt to console her.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Glanville seemingly excused her actions against Vanderpump, claiming she wouldn’t have slapped her if Vanderpump hadn’t encouraged her to do so.

In her Bravo blog, Glanville made the following statements.

“I took her suggestion and ran with it… MISTAKE! I apologized immediately and immensely and continued to for an hour and weeks after.

“I NEVER would have thought of smacking Lisa had she not said it herself.”

Although she didn’t discuss it during the RHOBH preview, Glanville has expressed interest in leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after season five. During a blog for Australia’s NW Magazine, Glanville confirmed she was giving “serious” thought to quitting after deeming the show as “not fun anymore.”

Glanville has faced tons of backlash in regard to her actions on RHOBH season five, especially after she slapped Vanderpump. Although Glanville claims the slap was in good fun and not meant to hurt Vanderpump, it has seemed tacky to most, and turned off many.

On the show, Glanville is on the outs with nearly all of her co-stars, but, as was seen in the RHOBH preview, Foster remains supportive.

Check out the RHOBH preview below, and tune into next week’s episode on Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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