Former ‘Survivor’ Producer Convicted Of Murder

NBC News reports that former Survivor producer Bruce Beresford-Redman has been convicted of murder in Mexico of the death of his wife. The former Survivor producer received 12 years and a fine for his wife’s death, despite no definitive evidence tying Beresford-Redman to the murder of his wife.

Mexican authorities assert that the former Survivor producer murdered his wife in their hotel room at the Moon Palace Resort, according to CBS News. Beresford-Redman then disposed of the body in a nearby sewer, leaving her allegedly naked and beaten. She was found by police a couple of days later.

After several years of trials and waiting, the family of Monica Burgos thought they had received the justice she deserved.

“Finally, she can rest in peace.”

However, the Hollywood Reporter reports that the case may have other notable issues for the former Survivor producer. His murder trial lasted for over five years, which is much longer than the year the Mexican constitution allows — which could be a possible avenue in the expected appeals process.

Also, additional charges may be brought against the Survivor producer because Beresford-Redman videotaped other inmates without their consent despite having received permission from prison officials prior to doing the video diaries for the CBS show 48 Hours. The Hollywood Reporter also reports that Beresford-Redman was deprived of all food and belongings after those video diaries had aired on 48 Hours in the United States.

Beresford-Redman’s meteoric rise in Hollywood began with a startling admission to a THR reporter.

“…[Beresford-Redman] invented a resume…”

This invented resume allowed Beresford-Redman to get his foot in the door at MTV. Then the former Survivor producer got his claim to fame with Emmy nominated episodes from the Amazon jungle and the Marquesas Islands versions of the reality show. Bruce also produced Pimp My Ride, which was also an immediate hit for MTV and even had a spin-off series, Pimp My Bike, which was extremely popular overseas in places like Germany. Beresford-Redman also produced The Contender and The Restaurant for NBC, as well.

Despite the conviction, Beresford-Redman has proclaimed his innocence all along. As the appeals process gets underway for Beresford-Redman’s murder conviction, his family took to Facebook to also call for a change in the extradition treaty between the U.S. and Mexico because of the Mexican authorities’ inability to “meet minimal standards of justice.”

Former Survivor Producer Facebook Post

The trial of the former Survivor producer moves forward as he will appeal his murder conviction.

[Image Credit: CBS News]