Pregnant Woman Attacked, Brutally Beaten For Not Saying Thanks To Man Who Held Door For Her

Pregnant Woman Attacked, Brutally Beaten For Not Saying Say Thank To Man Who Held Door For Her

A New York man is accused of attacking a pregnant woman, punching her and throwing her to the ground where he proceeded to kick her — and the only thing more shocking than the attack itself is the motive.

Police say the man was holding the door for the woman, Lakeeya Walker, who works at the apartment complex where the man lives. When the woman failed to say thank you to the man, he reportedly flew into a rage, shouting “S— my d—,” and screaming at her.

The woman then yelled back, prompting the man to turn violent. He punched and kicked the pregnant woman.

“He said, ‘I’m going to kick this baby out of your womb,'” victim Lakeeya Walker told DNAinfo New York.

“I was just thinking, try to protect yourself, try to protect yourself,” she added. “He was trying to kill my baby.”

The victim, a 22-year-old maintenance worker with the city, had to be taken to Lenox Hill Hospital after the attack.

This isn’t the only shocking attack making news out of New York this week. A videotaped brawl from a Brooklyn McDonald’s showed a group of girls brutally beating a fellow teenager.

Police arrested 16-year-old Aniah Ferguson as the main instigator of the beating, and it turns out she has quite a long rap sheet. The girl has been arrested six times in just the last six months, including allegations that she attacked a pregnant woman in an emergency room — a different pregnant woman than the one attacked for failing to say thank you.

Marie Josef, the pregnant woman allegedly attacked by Ferguson, told NBC 4 New York that Ferguson appeared to be looking for a fight.

“This girl assumed that I was staring at her and I wasn’t even paying her no attention. I was waiting for my name to be called and go into the triage,” Josef said. “She was like, ‘What the hell? What the f you looking at?’ I was like, ‘I’m not looking at you, you’re nobody to me, you’re not important, I don’t know you.'”

That was when Ferguson attacked, allegedly punching Josef in the head.

“She says she don’t care my face not pregnant my stomach is not my face she’s gonna hit me that’s what she says,” Josef said.

Lakeeya Walker, the pregnant woman attacked for not saying thank you to a man who held the door for her, was left with some cuts and bruises but doctors said her unborn baby is okay.

[Image via DNAinfo]