Chrissy Teigen Gets Naked For Miami Photoshoot As John Legend Looks On

Chrissy Teigen left nothing to the imagination during a photo shoot in Miami this week, posing nude on the beach while husband John Legend looked on.

The 29-year-old model was taking a series of steamy pictures, with some of them calling for her to step into the waves while fully naked. In between takes, she was spotted wearing a $3,800 silk kimono robe while her husband stood by in a white dress shirt.

Though her Sports Illustrated cover days are in the past, Chrissy Teigen has been working hard on keeping in shape, telling Elle her secret for reaching weight loss goals in just five days.

“For some reason, I either go hard or I don’t at all,” she said of her workout regimen.

“I’m pretty lucky. I can pack it on in two days and I can lose it all in two days. I’ve been working out, though. Model Fit did a pop-up shop out here and I’m working out with my trainers and doing the juices and the salads. I love taking the salads I get from those crazy organic delivery places and putting them on a plate and then roasting my own lamb to put on top. I balance it well. And listen, if I’m not eating Waffle House and Taco Bell and Jack in the Box, anything will make me lose weight.”

She has also found inspiration in her husband. At this weeks photo shoot, Chrissy and husband John Legend were seen engaging in some PDA, holding hands and sharing a kiss between takes.

John and Chrissy have no problem sharing the intimate details of their relationships — though Chrissy has been known to go a bit too far sometimes. She recently revealed that the the couple had a tryst at an event for President Obama.

While the couple was being interviewed by Extra during the Grammy Awards red carpet, Chrissy picked a question from a bowl that asked the strangest place she had ever had sex.

The Sports Illustrated cover girl revealed, “Okay the best, um, probably the Obama thing.”

She then walked off camera, leaving her husband to do some damage control.

“It was not at the White House. That’s correct. He was not elected yet,” he said.

Some censored pictures of the Chrissy Teigen nude photo shoot can be found here.

[Photo By Jason Merritt/Getty Images]