Talking Baby: 7-Week-Old Says ‘Hello,’ Video Goes Viral

talking baby

Hardly anyone can deny the cuteness of a talking baby, but what about a talking infant? According to Yahoo! Parenting, a 7-week-old baby boy was interacting with his mother when he cooed out something that sounded just like the word “hello.” Cillian is a very vocal baby according to his mom, Toni McCann, a drama-school teacher. according to NewsOK, and she is super happy that she caught her son’s “first word” on camera.

“I am a huge talker. Cillian had been trying to communicate for a while, but it really surprised me how clear his ‘Hello’ was. I’m glad I got it on video, as I’m sure no one would have believed me,” McCann said.

The talking baby was an instant internet hit. Within days of the video being posted online, nearly one million people have had a look (and a close listen). The baby’s “hello” comes at the very end of the video above.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the average child says his or her first word at around one year.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]