Lily James States That Critique Of Her Appearance In ‘Cinderella’ Is Getting Boring

Lily James, the star of the recent live action adaptation of Cinderella, once again addressed the storm of criticism that immediately followed the release of the film’s trailer back in February. In the movie, Lily James appears to have a very tiny waist, which, according to a number of people, encourages an unhealthy role model for children and couldn’t have been achieved by anything but computer modelling.

Soon after Cinderella’s release, the actress stated that the effect was purely natural: she has a tiny waist in reality, which was further accentuated by a carefully and cleverly designed dress. She also added that it is surprising that she has to justify her looks at all.

With the movie’s release, the onslaught is renewed. Ms. James, however, doesn’t seem to be perturbed by this in the slightest, only a little bit annoyed. According to National Post, she commented that it is unfair that women are always pointed out for their body shape, irrespective of what that shape is.

James said as follows.

“On one hand its upsetting, and on the other hand it’s just boring. I mean, why do women always get pointed at for their bodies? This whole thing happened and I’m constantly having to justify myself. International Women’s Day has just gone and it just feels a bit sad that it’s happening. I’m very healthy and I always have been.”

However, the Internet is still boiling around this apparently incredibly important and life-changing fact, probably even more important than the color of the ubiquitous dress. People with apparently too much time on their hands have divided into two opposing factions at each other’s throats: one states that Ms. James shows an unrealistic beauty standard, which is harmful for women’s self-esteem, while others ask why it is alright to say that to be morbidly obese is a legitimate life choice but demonstration of a healthy body is taboo.

It is not the only controversy the movie has attracted: according to the Inquisitr, some viewers don’t believe that the lead actor’s eyes are really the color they are in the movie.

“And if the tiny waist accusations weren’t enough, critics also accused Cinderella’s filmmakers of making Richard Madden’s (also known as Robb Stark on Game of Thrones, and who plays Prince Charming) eyes too blue.”

All in all, it seems that the fact that Lily James doesn’t pay much attention to the scandal will in time lead to its dissipation.