Meth Lab Discovered Inside Indiana Walmart Restroom, Abandoned Backpack Cause For Concern

Employees at an Indiana Walmart reported a suspicious backpack in a public restroom, fearing for the safety of the customers and employees.

When authorities arrived, they were surprised to find the backpack contained an active meth lab inside. Much like something out of Breaking Bad, the mobile meth lab was conveniently placed in an easily accessible area where it was hidden from plain sight. Due to the high volatility of the substances used to manufacture meth, both the men’s and women’s restrooms were closed while the backpack was properly removed and the area was tested to ensure harmful chemicals did not linger behind.

Fox 59 reported the meth lab was found in Muncie, Indiana, on Thursday evening in the Walmart restroom by employees. The incident occurred at approximately 11:30 p.m., where the owner may have hoped to take advantage of the lighter foot traffic at night to conceal the mobile meth lab. When Indiana State Troopers arrived on the scene, they recognized the contents as a mobile meth lab and contacted the Pendleton District Meth Suppression Team to assist in removing the toxic chemicals from the store.

When the suppression team arrived on the scene, they carefully changed into protective suits and masks to shield themselves from the toxic and volatile chemicals. Once inside, they carefully disassembled the lab from within the backpack and removed the chemicals so they could be disposed of safely.

The Consumerist reports that the individual or individuals who left the mobile meth lab behind in the backpack may have intended to keep his or her home free from the toxic substances within, which is known to explode due to its high combustibility.

Many times, makers of meth will discard the packaging and byproducts of their concoction into random spots, such as random garbage cans, back alleys, and other places they may not be noticed. However, the chemicals may remain in the refuge and continue to be volatile for days or weeks afterwards, leaving a lingering threat of explosion in the area or the possibility of skin burns if touched.

Police are currently looking for the owner of the backpack for questioning. There has not been an official announcement regarding the charges the individual will face but will be made public when the suspect is apprehended.

The bathrooms are expected to open back up once the authorities are certain no leftover chemicals are present and the facilities can be used safely.

[Photo Courtesy: Lebanon Democrat]