Nice try at sarcasm Mr. Lyons

Dan Lyons seems to have retired to a life of taking pot shots at the very blogosphere that made him more than a nobody in the larger scheme of things. It’s too bad though that he didn’t learn anything during his stint of impersonating a real famous person who actually can move stock markets with a single word because his little quip filled post yesterday on his boring reproduction of intelligent thought only shows just how little he even pretends to understand the blogging world.

In his single overlong paragraph of a post he suggests that blogs are good for nothing more than circle jerking each other over boring news like Apple’s refreshed product line and Jon Stewart’s little humorfest over Twitter. Funny how he neglects to point out how the old media – who he is obviously back prostituting for full time now – is no different. Just turn on any of the cable news channels and you will see the plasticine looking talking heads all talking about the same story. I guess though it is okay in his book for them to inundate us with constant polarized points of view because they are real journalists’ like him – not dirty little bloggers.

As well he seems to conveniently gloss over the fact that much of the news as he and his gym locker buddies like to believe is their exclusive purvue was more than likely first broken by people using Twitter or on those nasty dirty blogs. Like MG Siegler pointed out on his ParisLemon blog much more nicely than I would have

Fourth, Lyons tells it like all tech blogs do is rehash other news. That’s simply not true, every site he listed has scooped several big stories just in the past few months alone. We will continue to do so. I have a few I’m working on right now, in fact.

Well at least you can say that Dan did manage not to forget during his time impersonating a blogger how to make sure his linkage gets him the most exposure. Too bad he didn’t stick with the Fake job he might have actually been able to write a really good sarcastic post about all this.