President Obama, Kim Jong-Un Impersonators Hit The Streets Of L.A.

President Obama, Kim Jong Un Impersonators Turn Heads

Looking for Obama impersonators for that next wild president-themed party?

You might want to track down the guy pictured above. And while you’re at it, don’t leave out his friend, who does an even more convincing Kim Jong-Un.

The pair turned heads recently when they hit the streets of Los Angeles for a photo shoot that inevitably clawed its way to the top of reddit’s front page.

Very little background is provided in the photos themselves, so there isn’t much story to go on, but it’s Friday and everyone needs a laugh, right?

This being Los Angeles, the photographers, Jamie Fullerton and John Chapple, according to VICE, were able to make use of their surroundings for some blink-and-you’ll-miss-it humor.

(Specifically, I prefer the shot in front of Sony Pictures. Nice reference to the whole The Interview controversy.)

Here’s the full rundown from the pages of Imgur.

Obama Impersonators 1

Some commenters lacked faith in the American people’s ability to decipher fact from fiction with the Obama and Kim Jong-Un impersonators.

“I can only imagine how many people went home that day and told someone they saw un and Obama walking down the street,” wrote one commenter. “I’m not convinced that Kim Jong-Un and Obama didn’t just bro out in L.A.,” wrote another.

Considering how many times the U.S. has hit North Korea with sanctions and how many times that Kim Jong-Un has threatened to kill Obama and the entire U.S., for that matter, it’s easy to see how the photo shoot above could turn heads, but buying into it is another story entirely, though some commenters weren’t so sure it would be laughed off.

“Great,” wrote one redditor. “[Six] more months of [expletives] posting this [expletive] on FB with sensational titles like ‘Obama signs America over to North Korea; bans guns, smoking and alcohol and gives police full rights to invade your house. Like/share if you are outraged.'”

(Yeah, I can see that.)

What do you think of the Kim Jong-Un and President Obama impersonators? Could you have told the difference? Sound off in the comments section.