Ben Carson's Prison Homosexuality Comments Mercilessly Mocked By 'Funny Or Die' [Video]

Ben Carson may have already apologized for his statement that gay prison culture is evidence that homosexuality is a choice, but that hasn't stopped a wave of pundits mocking him for the comment.

Funny or Die is one of the newest crews to cash in on Ben's gay prison comments for comedy. In a new video, the crew "goes to the streets" to interview gay people about when they chose to be gay. The scripted answers go after pretty much every angle that Carson's argument has already been attacked for -- one participant even specifically makes a reference to the comment about prisons having a hand in making people gay.

"I was walking past a prison, and I was like, 'Ohhhh, all right.'
Gay People Tell Us When They Chose To Be Gay from Dan Abramson

Among those who most strongly spoke out against Ben's gay prison comments was high-profile gay advocate Dan Savage. Carson not only reprimanded Carson's comments for insinuating homosexuality is a choice, he said that if Ben felt so strongly that gay people can be so easily swayed in their sexuality that Carson himself should come and "suck his d**k" on camera in order to prove his point.

In a column for The Stranger, Savage further argued that religious conservatives like Ben saying that gay rights were less viable because they claim they involve a choice are hypocritical.

"Religious conservatives go on TV to make this anti-gay argument while religious conservatives knock on doors, distribute pamphlets, proselytize, and evangelize all over the country in an effort to get people to do what? To change their religions. To choose a different faith. So faith—religious belief—is not an immutable characteristic. You can change your faith. And yet religious belief is covered by civil rights laws and anti-discrimination statutes."

Ben Carson's original statements on situational homosexuality in prisons being a good indicator of the fluidity of gay sexuality proved to quite controversial when he first made them a few weeks ago. Since then, Ben has more or less walked back the statements, and even said that he will not be making comments on gay marriage in the future, reported National Journal.

"I simply have decided I'm not going to really talk about that issue anymore because every time I'm gaining momentum, the political press says, 'Let's talk about gay rights.' And I'm just not going to fall for that anymore."
Do you think the Funny or Die video is fair to Ben Carson's prison homosexuality comments?

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