Kristen Doute Breaks Down In Tears: What Major Thing Happened To Her?

Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute has been going through a rough year. Not only has she been determined to make life miserable for her ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, but Doute has also been trying to move on with her life after she was fired from SUR. Lisa Vanderpump had enough of the drama, and Doute had to prove her point outside of the restaurant.

Kristen Doute has yet to really reveal what she does for a living, but she is designing t-shirts for her own t-shirt line. In addition, Kristen is often playing the guitar and it is possible that she could be making some music with her DJing boyfriend, James Kennedy. Now, something amazing has happened that left Doute in tears — but happy tears!

According to a new tweet, Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute learned that one of her idols started following her on Twitter. While Kristen may not have been playing her guitar much while filming Vanderpump Rules, this follow is supposedly very important to her.

“HOLY F*CK Lisa Loeb follows me on twitter. Seriously, I might cry,” Kristen Doute revealed on Twitter, adding, “okay I’m actually in tears. you guys don’t understand.”

Maybe Doute has more time developing her music now that she is no longer working at SUR. It is questionable whether Kristen would consider being a singer more so than an actress, but she clearly has some healthy musical inspirations in mind.

“So tomorrow my tweets are solely going to be about the fact that Lisa and Michelle Branch are the reason I play music, you guys will hate me,” Kristen Doute revealed after learning that Lisa Loeb follows her on Twitter.

Now Doute has something to brag about that none of the other Vanderpump Rulesstars can do. Surely, Tom Sandoval — who is a musician on the side — would love to get a follow from someone who is known in the music industry. And maybe the tides are turning for Doute. According to the Inquisitr, Tom has been accused of acting like he is better than Kristen throughout the entire season, which has actually gained her some sympathy from viewers.

But other stars, such as Jax Taylor, believes that she is a loose canon and would be better off staying away from SUR and the Vanderpump Rules cast. Now that Kristen has been fired, she probably won’t be showing up at SUR too much.

What do you think of Kristen Doute getting some famous followers?

[Image via Bravo]