Venus Flytrap: Man’s Tongue Pays Dearly For Tasteless Stunt

Venus Flytrap, tongue trick

The Venus flytrap is an amazing plant, creature, and curiosity that has fascinated and entertained men, women and children for years.

According to, Venus flytraps are much like other plants in that they gather sustenance from the air and soil. But that’s where the similarities take a drastic turn. The Venus flytrap steps their healthy diet up a notch over regular plants by being able to eat insects.

So why not stick your tongue into a Venus flytrap to see what happens? That’s what one chap thought would be a good idea, documenting his Jacka**-like Venus flytrap stunt on video and posting it to YouTube for all to enjoy. The video, shown below, is titled, “It Turns Out Sticking Your Tongue Into A Venus Flytrap Is A Bad Idea.” The documented result that follows the Venus flytrap stunt shows why.

But could a Venus flytrap really inflict that kind of injury to one’s tongue?

Among the many entertaining YouTube comments regarding “It Turns Out Sticking Your Tongue Into A Venus Flytrap Is A Bad Idea” were some written by Venus flytrap owners, and others, who didn’t necessarily believe a Venus flytrap “bite” could cause such damage.

But there are plants that actually eat sheep, so why not a Venus flytrap that can hurt a guy’s tongue?

Also, others point out that the Venus flytrap secretions could absolutely cause such tongue damage, and a story about an alleged witch using the Venus flytrap to cause injury to her whole body lends some credence to this notion.

According to the Riviera Times Venus flytrap-witch story, which ends in a French courtroom in Cannes, the 58-year-old “wannabe witch” had it out for her former boyfriend and wanted it to appear as if he’d beaten her up. Apparently armed with some Venus flytrap knowledge, the bug-eating, tongue biting plant offered the witch a solution to get back at him.

Reportedly “dabbling with black magic,” the witch-lady rubbed different Venus flytrap plants all over her body and the results sound pretty convincing. Thanks to her Venus flytrap rub, the witch-lady’s body ended up covered with serious burns, and “numerous sores on her face, arms and stomach.”

The witch-lady told police that the Venus flytrap burns were the result of her ex-boyfriend beating her with an electric cable.

Four years later, however, in the Cannes courtroom, the witch-lady confessed that her injuries were in fact self-inflicted Venus flytrap wounds.

So could the apparent injury to this guy’s tongue be from the Venus flytrap bite? Sure sounds like it.

And speaking of sound, any act that makes a person yelp, scream or holler like the man in the video, is a bad idea.

But if anyone else has experience with sticking their tongue in a Venus flytrap, please do share.

[Image and video via YouTube]