Tom Hanks Helps Girl Scouts Sell Cookies, Celebrates Return Of Missing Credit Card

Tom Hanks has once again proven that he’s one of the nicest actors in the business by assisting a group of girl scouts on their endeavour to sell cookies.

The incident occurred earlier this month, and as the two-time Oscar winning actor was out strolling through Los Altos, California, he came across a group of scouts selling cookies.

Ever the gentleman, Tom Hanks not only decided to try and assist the posse of young girls in their efforts by purchasing four boxes from Anushka Srinivasan, Claire Chen and Addyson Andrade, but he also donated an extra $20 to their worthy cause too.

However Hanks wasn’t done with his act of generosity, because he then tried his hand at selling cookies. The Captain Phillips star even tried to convince passersby to buy some of the cookies for the troupe.

He then posed for a picture with the trio of girls, while holding an I Love bag, which is the website for the girl scouts of northern california.

Archanna Appanna told the Los Altos Town Crier that the girls didn’t realise that the man trying to assist them was Tom Hanks at first, since the Bay Area native had a baseball cap on low and was wearing a pair of glasses.

Hanks then went to walk away, but when the trio suddenly realised who he was they rushed over and asked him, “Are you Tom Hanks?”

They then posed for their picture with the actor, and when another family saw Hanks and asked for their own snap he responded, “Only if you buy cookies from these young ladies.”

Hanks was reportedly in town to visit a typewriter shop, Los Altos Business Machines, because he is a huge collector of the devices.

Meanwhile, Hanks had a lucky escape on Friday when he dropped his credit card on a New York street without noticing. But rather than going into the wrong hands, a passer-by named Tony spotted the card and sought out the 58-year-old actor.

It’s still unknown exactly how Tony got in contact with Hanks, but he clearly did because he took to Twitter on Friday morning to write,

[Image via E Online]