Avril Lavigne: Another Health Scare Or Impending Divorce?

After Avril Lavigne’s husband recently canceled a few of his band’s upcoming shows, rumors are starting swirl about Lavigne’s health.

Nickelback, the band featuring Lavigne’s husband, Chad Kroeger, have recently canceled not one, but two shows due to what Kroeger referred to as a “family emergency.” Avril’s husband canceled his March 5 show in Omaha, Nebraska, and his March 6 show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was these cancelations that had many asking if the “emergency” was due to another health scare or if it has more to do with an impending divorce.

According to Cross Map, there were no further “details as to what ‘family emergency’ has caused the band to cancel their shows, but the band simply thanked fans for their support in Nickelback’s Official Facebook page.”

Lavigne’s husband stated on his band’s Facebook page, “Thank you for all your well wishes. We’re anxious to get back on the road and will see you all in Winnipeg on Sunday!”

So what exactly is it that has people wondering if Lavigne is facing another health scare? Back in December, Lavigne went M.I.A. citing a serious health scare.

While Avril never expanded on what exactly her health scare was about, she returned in February looking healthier than ever. Lavigne released her newest single, “Give You What You Like,” in February, and according to Cross Map, looked “perfectly healthy,” with MTV adding that Avril was “officially back.”

So could the “family emergency” Avril’s husband referred to be about their relationship instead? Divorce rumors have plagued the couple since shortly after their 2013 wedding.

Ecumenical News reported in September that Lavigne was “spotted at various events without her wedding band.” The “Hello Kitty” singer was seen partying until the early morning without her husband or the symbol of their love.

Now with these canceled shows, rumors are abounding once again. Lavigne and Kroeger continue to declare that they are just rumors and that they are still together.

Fans seem to believe that the “family emergency” is all about Avril’s health and continue to send her well wishes over Twitter.

Whether the “family emergency” was health related or relationship related, it appears that everything is back to normal at this point for Avril Lavigne and her husband, who has already resumed his tour with his band.

[Photo Courtesy of John Parra/Getty Images]