Ariana Taylor, Victim In McDonald’s Fight Video, Brags About Being ‘Famous’ In Facebook Post

McDonald's Victim Brags

Three days after the now-infamous McDonald’s teen fight video went online, the victim now apparently brags that the shocking YouTube clip is making her famous, according to The New York Daily News. What remains unclear is whether 15-year-old Ariana Taylor was actually serious about celebrating her fame in a recent Facebook post or whether she was just showing bravado after various, conflicting reports of her injuries.

The video, which may be viewed at this link, shows Taylor fighting against a gang of at least four other teenage girls until she is knocked helpless and limp to the floor of a McDonald’s on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.

One of the attackers, 16-year-old Aniah Ferguson, was arrested Thursday and faces charges that include gang assault. Ferguson reportedly has a long prior arrest record, and friends of her family said that she suffers from severe behavioral issues.

Also Thursday, Taylor took to her Facebook page to assure her friends — and the hundreds of others who have now sought her out online — that she is not only okay, but basking in her newfound attention.

Her post, “Everybody Like Im Famous Now,” appears to have been deleted from her Facebook page, which has been inundated with comments mostly from well-wishers. But she also posted a message claiming that her injuries were not as severe as had been reported.

McDonald's victim brags Facebook

Though in that post, Taylor claims that her grandmother never spoke to a newspaper, the Daily News contradicted that assertion.

“Her grandma told The News on Wednesday that she ‘can’t sleep because she got kicked to the body’ and an NYPD source said she suffered two black eyes and multiple bruises,” the venerable New York tabloid wrote on Friday.

Many of the comments on the McDonald’s attack victim’s Facebook page were not celebrating Taylor’s fame as she apparently was, however.

“It’s good to know your safe but all this attention not kool now you got people thinking your the blame smh just fall back in getting jump don’t make you famous it makes you the victim,” wrote one.

“Enough with your pride do whats right and seek justice!!” wrote another commenter. “Press charges so it doesn’t have to happen to someone else those girls jumped you it’s ok if you have bruises that’s normal your pride isn’t going to get you anywhere you need to seek justice.”

While McDonald’s attack victim Ariana Taylor appears to have ceased her Facebook brag posts, whether she is fully cooperating with the police investigation into her assault remained unclear Friday.

[Image: Ariana Taylor Facebook]