Christina Aguilera Shares Her $5 Beauty Secret

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get Christina Aguilera’s perfect complexion. As a matter of fact, all it would take is just a little over $5.

Thirty-four-year-old Aguilera shared with E! the secret to her flawless skin — Cetaphil facial cleanser. Aguilera told E! News that Cetaphil is one of her favorites because it is “good for every type of skin and gentle to cleanse.” And what’s even better than its performance? Its price, which is affordable “for those without five Grammys under their belt,” at only a little over $5.

The Voice judge shared some of her other beauty secrets, including her love of MAC Cosmetics makeup-removing wipes. Aguilera shared that she loves how the wipes are “great for on the go because they come in a pack and are already combined with a cleanser and vitamin E.” While this may not be Aguilera’s cheapest beauty trick, it’s not bad at $29 for a pack of 100 wipes.

Aguilera, who just released her newest fragrance, Woman, also shared with E! News that she is a big fan of Clé de Peau’s hydrating cream.

Aguilera swears by the Japanese beauty brand’s eye cream and moisturizer, saying, “My skin is dry, so I love a heavier moisturizer.”

This cream will set you back a whole lot more than the Cetaphil, though. Aguilera’s go-to moisturizer costs $525 for a one-ounce jar, which would be the equivalent of approximately 87 bottles of Cetaphil.

Not willing to shell out hundreds of dollars to replicate some of Christina’s best beauty tricks?

Aguilera shared with Pop Dust one of her favorite beauty tricks, saying, “My favorite on-the-go trick is to spray the back of your neck and hair with your favorite scent. It leaves a lingering trace of the perfume that turns heads and leaves people thinking of you long after you’ve left the room. A spritz of fragrance and a bold, red lip always make me feel glamorous.”

And Christina Aguilera has been on-the-go quite a bit lately. Besides being one of the judges on The Voice, Aguilera is also set to appear on the hit show Nashville.

Plus, the “Beautiful” singer is the mother of two small children. It’s amazing that Christina Aguilera can look so good with so much going on, but at least now we know just how she does it.

[Photo Courtesy of Steve Jennings/Getty Images]