Puppy Beheading Charges Upgraded For Teens Due To ‘Horrific Nature’ Of Crime

Puppy Beheading Snapchat Video Gets Additional Charges

A horrific puppy beheading video has two teens in hotter water than they previously expected.

Ashley Johnston, 18, and his 17-year-old companion are said to have recorded themselves taking a machete to three puppies and posting it to Snapchat, the social media site that automatically deletes your photos and videos shortly after posting.

The teens were previously looking at minor misdemeanor charges for the offense, but Wilcox County D.A. Michael Jackson has decided to re-arrest the suspects and charge them with two more severe charges — aggravated cruelty to animals and one count of cruelty to a dog or cat.

Each charge carries with it jail time of up to 10 years.

“There is no excuse for killing three puppies and cutting their heads off,” Jackson told Fox10TV. “Given the horrific nature, the charges need to be felt.”

This is the opposite of the seemingly lackadaisical approach Wilcox County Sheriff Earnest Evans took to the case at the time of the initial arrest.

“It would be fair to say the 18-year-old confessed. He kind of owned it, took the photos, and he actually didn’t like it,” said Evans. “The pictures were on social media for about 15 seconds.”

Those 15 seconds could now get the pair 20 years, though it’s not likely that’ll happen. For instance, a recent animal abuse case that the Inquisitr reported found the perpetrator getting sentenced to 99 years, 90 of which for cruelty and neglect to horses on his grandparents’ property.

Each of those sentences will run concurrently (at the same time) and be two years of jail and eight years of probation. That perpetrator also got three three-year sentences for credit card fraud, which will also run concurrently.

As such, he’ll serve three years on a 99-year sentence and the only reason he’ll get the third year has nothing to do with animal abuse.

For the puppy beheading teens, it’s likely to be a lighter sentence than that due to the fact there were just three animals affected and, Johnston at least, has good grades and a clean criminal background.

Even so, Facebook commenters found it profoundly disturbing.

“We’ll see these kids on the news in the future I’m sure. If you go around cutting off the heads of puppies, you should be deleted from this planet. End of story, I don’t care how young you are. You should be put out of your misery, because you’re not fit for human society,” said Anthony Griffis.

Do you think the puppy beheading video should get the teens a harsher sentence? What do you think would be “appropriate”?