‘Strange Love’ Airs Woman With 48NN Breasts As She Looks For Love

Strange Love is a new television series on the American basic cable and satellite network channel TLC. The provocative program debuted on March 4 on Discovery Communications’ TLC, the television channel originally called The Learning Channel.

The Learning Channel first aired in 1972. Ironically, NASA and the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare founded the television station as a source for instructions and information for the public. The primary focus of the channel was learning.

However, in the 80s, Discovery Communications shortened the channel’s name to TLC. Additionally, in the 1990s, programming for TLC changed and focused primarily on mass marketing and popular consumption.

Here’s how CNBC‘s Jane Wells puts it.

“Discovery Communications, eventually shortened its name to TLC, a sign The Learning Channel learned that learning is boring. Leering is better.”

TLC‘s Strange Love offers the viewing audience just that. The series has something for everyone–from Michelle Duggar and her 19 children to hoarders to a woman with 17-inch nails.

Kristy Love starring on Strange Love is no exception. The 36-year-old, Atlanta, Georgia adult massage therapist documents her struggles to find a boyfriend.

Love also shares how she manages to live with her natural 48NN sized breasts—how embarrassed she was to have developed them at the age of eight, how difficult it is for her to cook, and how heavy they are.

Kristy Love Cooks

In the upcoming Strange Love episode, Kristy briefly explains her situation.

“I was ashamed of these girls. Sometimes they get in the pot. Sometimes they get in the pan. Sometimes they get caught on the burner.”

Love tells the Strange Love audience she resorted to wearing multiple bras and tops to help manage her natural endowment. In fact, her breasts weigh close to a combined total of 32 pounds, as much weight as carrying a toddler all day long.

The future Strange Love broadcast shows how Kristy manages to carry her keys, lipstick, driver’s license, perfume, and cell phone in her cleavage.

Adult Massage Therapist, Kristy Love

Though Kristy Love brags about her huge assets, claiming to make nearly $1,300 a day as an adult massage therapist, she shares her desire to find someone to love her and not focus on her breasts.

Kristy says she is looking for someone to love her.

“I’m looking for true love. I’m looking for someone that I love and who love me.”

On the contrary, Daily News story elaborates on how Kristy Love focuses on her figure as she bounced her breasts with her hands and giggles, while offering more details about herself on the Strange Love episode.

“My boobies do not need to be alone. It’s time for them to find a man. It’s time for me to find love because I’m not getting any younger.”

Kristy Love Photo

The Strange Love episode with Kristy Love airs on March 18. No doubt, The Learning Channel has changed. Viewers may wonder if Kristy Love is sharing her quest to find true love with the TLC audience on the Strange Love reality show or is she trying to add more massage therapy clientele?

Perhaps, the most important question should be this: What’s so strange about someone looking for love no matter what he or she looks like?

[Featured image courtesy of TLC]