Atheist Making A Fortune From Selling Bibles Says The Money Is Too Good To Be True


Who says you can’t make money off religion, even if you aren’t a believer yourself? After all, isn’t that what some of the most famous Evangelical Christians do?

You might think that an atheist selling Bibles is a contradiction in terms, and definitely an oxymoron, and you might be right. However, that hasn’t stopped Trevor McKendrick from making $100,000 a year selling the “Word of God.”

The whole Bible-selling thing all started for Trevor back in February 2012 when he was out for dinner with his family and learned that a relative of his was making $8,000 to $10,000 a month just by selling iPhone apps.

At the time, Trevor was between jobs and thought the idea sounded good, because he needed to supplement his income by around $600 a month.

He then found some Spanish Bible apps that were not good quality. After hiring a Romanian programmer to build a better app for him, he began selling the new product.

He added to the app by including an audio version which took off, generating a cool $5,000 to $6,000 per month.

As Trevor said, “That was the moment where it was: Oh this is not just a side project. This is a living,” adding that the money “doesn’t feel like real money because so little work is involved. Dude, I spend maybe an hour on this thing.”

Speaking about the irony of selling Bibles as an atheist, Trevor said, “We don’t believe in Christianity. We don’t believe in the Bible. I would describe myself as an atheist.”

He went on to explain why morally he has no issue selling Bibles.

“What if you sold Harry Potter books or Lord of the Rings books, but you told people it was real? And you told people if they would just learn how to write spells themselves, they could heal their children? And if you sold that as a real thing? I would feel terrible about that. But that’s really the situation I am in selling the bible. I am selling this thing I truly believe is fiction.”

Presumably, God — if there is one– is only too happy that more people are being exposed to The Bible, whether it is fact or fiction.