Man Who Gave Abortion Pill Smoothie To Ex Pleads Guilty To Charges

A 26-year-old Norwegian man, who tricked his ex-girlfriend into drinking a smoothie spiked with an abortion pill in order to make her miscarry, pleaded guilty to the charges against him in a case which is unique in Norway’s legal history.

Norway’s state broadcaster, NRK, reported that the man felt bad about what he had done, but at the time, decided to go ahead with his plan.

“I had a bad conscience and felt remorse, but thought that it was the only way out,” he said in court.

The man and the victim already share a child but was dismayed when he learned she was pregnant again after having casual sex with the man at a party.

The woman, aged 20, told reporters, “He tried several times to convince me to have an abortion but it was not an option for me.”

When he couldn’t convince her, the man gave her a smoothie he had spiked with pills to make her miscarry. She started to feel severe abdominal pains after drinking the beverage and miscarried later that evening.

The mother-to-be’s suspicion grew when she went to her doctor, only to be told that the miscarriage had occurred due to a high dose of abortion pills.

In researching abortion medication online, the man told the court, “I read online that pills could cause deformities if they did not work. I thought that if it was my fault that the child was born with major malformations, and I would not be able to live with that. I felt like a total shitbag when it dawned on me what I had done.”

The prosecution, headed by state prosecutor Kaja Strandfjord, called for the man to receive a full seven-year sentence.

She told reporters after the court hearing, “He imported these substances. All of it was precisely and cynically planned.”