B.A.C.A. Bikers Have A Message For Suspected Child Molester: ‘We’ll Do Whatever We Have To Do’

B.A.C.A. Bikers Warn Child Molester, 'We'll Do What We've Gotta Do'

B.A.C.A., or Bikers Against Child Abuse, is a global organization of bad-a** biker dudes with one mission: helping kids who are victims of abuse to overcome it.

But one chapter in San Jose, California, has taken up a second, more specific mission for the female victim of an escaped convict.

Johnell Carter remains at large after escaping from a San Jose medical facility, CBS San Francisco reports. Despite a criminal past that includes allegedly molesting the young girl in question, the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Carter was considered a “minimum security” risk and was under the watch of only one guard.

“Because he’s a minimum security inmate, our policy says that only one deputy guards him,” said Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. James Jensen. “We are going to reevaluate that policy.”

In the meantime, if the family needs help, they don’t have to look far to find it. B.A.C.A. is providing round-the-clock security to the young victim, whose age wasn’t specified in the report.

“They’re part of our family,” said a B.A.C.A. spokesperson named Hoss. “So, when a unique situation like this happens and they get scared, they can look out the window and see people they know — people who love them.”

Not exactly what you would expect to hear from a biker group, but they’re words Carter should take seriously. Bikers Against Child Abuse is one of the largest and most well-organized motorcycle groups in the country, and while the mission is noble, they’re still bikers — not something you’d want to test, especially in a large-numbered security detail.

If that’s not enough to convince, Hoss had a message for Johnell Carter to hammer home the point.

“[We’ll] do whatever we have to do to make this family feel safe, and we will do whatever we have to do to protect her.”

The details of Carter’s alleged crime against the young girl have not been divulged, nor has her name for the girl and her family’s protection.

And in case you are wondering if B.A.C.A. is inserting its influence where it doesn’t belong, they are reportedly there at the family’s request, and similar requests can be made through the group’s social media channels or their website at BACAWorld.

For a bit more on what they do, check out this previous Inquisitr article.

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