Alyssa Whitcomb Missing: Former Ohio Soccer Player Not Found — ‘It’s Unlike Her Not To Call’

Alyssa Whitcomb, a 22-year old missing woman from Ashland, Ohio, has not been found. The Mansfield News Journal is reporting that the former soccer player disappeared from a coffee shop in Toledo, Ohio, at the beginning of March. Now, her family is frantically searching for her.

Whitcomb was last seen on Wednesday, March 4 at around 2 p.m. That’s when her family says that she had gone to a coffee shop on St. Clair Street for a job interview. An acquaintance who had been with her that day denies knowing what happened to her.

Alyssa Whitcomb was attending a drug rehab program at Toledo Volunteers Of America, and it was that agency that had been helping her find a job. Another story circulating about the case indicates that the missing woman may have called a friend at 7 p.m. that same evening. The caller stated that they needed a ride. The friend is not absolutely sure the caller was Alyssa.

The family is doing everything possible to jump start the investigation themselves. They say it is completely unlike Alyssa to go without communicating with her family, despite her drug problems. According to the Ashland Times Gazette, her family wants her to know that they love her and they want her back.

“It’s unlike her. She loved her family, we had a good relationship and we’re very supportive of her. It’s unlike her not to call someone and say, ‘I’m OK.'”

During this time of worry, family and friends have taken to the streets to look for anyone who may have information about their loved one. Missing person fliers are also being distributed in the area, according to Alyssa’s mother, Jessica Long.

“We’ll be passing flyers out. I know it’s a lot of people, we’ll just go in groups and look around the VOA and the coffee shop.”

Alyssa Whitcomb stands five feet, three inches tall and weighs about 150 pounds. She has brown eyes and brown hair and three tattoos: a purple lily on the left, the right shoulder features Chinese writing, and there is green writing on her lower back.

Meanwhile, the community hopes that she will return home safe. Here are some of their expressions.

“Our hearts are aching and we are thinking of you all everyday!”

“Prayers and hugs! Love you!”

“I know that SOMEONE has to know where Alyssa is. Please, if you have any info, come forward and help us to bring Alyssa home!!”

Ashland police have provided a number for anyone with information about this missing woman (419-289-3639).

Just a few stats: Each year, hundreds of thousands of people are reported missing. In America, about 2,300 people are reported missing per day. It takes about two hours for the information about the missing person to disseminate, so it helps to create a Facebook page or other social media page to get the information out quickly. Most missing persons are found safe.

[Photo Credit: Facebook]