UFO Caught Flying Over Oklahoma City On Live TV Newscast [Video]


A UFO was caught shooting across the morning sky on a live Oklahoma City morning news broadcast on March 12, 2015. The TV station, KOCO 5 News in Oklahoma City, is wondering what the UFO might be and is asking the public to help solve the mystery.

A KOCO 5 News camera placed on top of the Grand Casino east of Oklahoma City, was showing live video of traffic on the nearby I-40 at the beginning of its 6 a.m. broadcast when a luminescent object was caught streaking across the sky, away from the camera, from the left to the right of the screen.

As Open Minds notes, the live broadcaster either did not notice the bright object or ignored it. She only said that the footage was coming from “our Grand Casino cam,” and then went on to introduce the meteorologist who gave the day’s weather forecast.

But the news station later posted on its website a 13-second clip showing the UFO, with the title, “Caught on Camera: UFO Flying through sky near Shawnee.”

The station also gave a brief explanatory footnote, “We caught a flying object on KOCO 5 News in the Morning at 6 a.m. What’s your guess on the object shooting across the sky?”

Viewers responded enthusiastically with numerous suggestions. Some thought it could be an astronomical body, such as a meteor or a shooting star. Others thought it could be a man-made object, such as a small remote-controlled drone or fireworks.

Only a few suggested aliens.

Someone quipped wittily, in reference to the Grand Casino, “Aliens have gambling addiction too.”

There appeared to be a consensus among analysts that whatever the footage showed it was not a hoax because it came directly from the TV station. Open Minds’ Alejandro Rojas recalled the recent incident in which a YouTube user posted online footage showing a flying saucer UFO passing behind a live news broadcast in Argentina. The footage proved to be a hoax after the news station Todo Noticias confirmed that their original video did not show the UFO and that the video posted online did not come from them.

However, a UFO investigator noted that in a particular case he investigated in South America, a TV station employee inserted fake UFO footage into a TV station’s live broadcast.

In the case of KOCO 5 News, some have suggested the footage could be a publicity stunt to draw attention to the news station. But it appears unlikely that the station would deliberately create hoax footage for publicity.

Open Minds also compared the UFO clip from KOCO 5 News with a recent UFO video showing a bright object flying at “supersonic” speed over Silicon Valley.

Rojas pointed out the obvious similarities between both videos, but noted that some have suggested that the “supersonic” UFO could be a small insect flying very close to the camera and not a larger object flying at a distance, as most viewers assumed.

[Image: KOCO 5 News]