‘Sickening’ High School Beating Of Girl Caught On Camera By Apathetic Students

Superintendent John Davis

A sickening high school beating, recorded by apathetic students from the Massabesic High School, was posted on social media so that students from other schools could watch the footage.

The short clip shows one young girl punching another repeatedly in the face while sitting astride her as onlookers jeer and film.

The mother of the 16-year-old victim said to CBS 13 about the vicious attack on her daughter, “It’s disturbing. It’s hard to watch. My daughter’s only 98 pounds. She’s a tiny little thing. It’s terrifying to see your daughter go through something like that. It’s … it’s sickening.”

Wishing to remain nameless for fear of reprisals, the angry mother said she thinks the attack on her daughter was planned and not spontaneous.

“It was planned out. She knew when would be a good time to attack my daughter, because she knew there would be no teachers around. They wanted it recorded so they could put it up on social media,” she claimed.

Meanwhile, the administrators of the school refused to comment to the media about the attack, citing “confidentiality” as their reason.

The victim’s mother told reporters, “They’re not telling me anything. I don’t know if these students have been expelled or suspended. I’ve asked for more supervision outside when the kids are changing classes. They tell me that they don’t have the staff to do so.”

In terms of the girl’s condition following the beating, her mother said, “She has five large bruises on her head. They were swollen pretty bad. She’s got scratches on her face. And bruises on her arms from when she was trying to defend herself.”

It remains to be seen what action will be taken against the girl who administered the hard beating, as well as what punishment will await the apathetic students who filmed it.