Mom Furious At Being Denied Entry To Nightclub After Doormen Branded Her ‘Too Fat And Ugly’

A young mother is fuming with fury and incandescent with rage after being refused entry into a city centre bar because the doormen said she was too fat and ugly.

When British mom Stacey Owen, 33, was denied access to her neighborhood bar in Manchester city centre on the grounds that the doormen believed her appearance might upset the other customers, she was quite naturally inconsolable.

No one likes to be told they’re grotesquely ugly or morbidly obese, and it’s even worse when it comes from two burly shaven-headed bouncers who have seemingly self-appointed themselves as noble guardians of some lofty aesthetic ideal.

Stacey explained to the Manchester Evening News that she was out on the town with two friends when they were abruptly turned away from the swanky bar in question on the grounds that they were carrying a little more weight than the club liked.

Stacey, who is a travel rep from Droylsden, revealed how she and her friends were restrained from entering and subjected to hurtful abuse, while at the same time, the doormen gladly welcomed other ladies into the trendy bar.

Stacey freely admits she is no supermodel but is now demanding an apology from the bar for their appalling customer service.

“I know I’m not exactly a supermodel but I’ve never known anything like it in terms of customer service.”

Stacey revealed that after the doormen refused her little group entry for being collectively overweight, she was in a state of shock, but insisted that at first she thought the club’s doormen were simply trying to balance out the male/female ratio of customers inside the club.

“We were so shocked we didn’t know what to do. We were meeting one of our friends inside and at first we were told we couldn’t come in because they were full so we waited. After a while a group of lads went in and they said it was because there were too many women in and they try to balance the ratio so we thought ‘fine’.”

But Stacey’s and her friends patience wasn’t about to be rewarded with entry into the club. On the contrary, it was to be punished with vicious insults.

“After a while a group of women went in and we said ‘hang on what’s going on?’ and he turned to us and said ‘look, you’re too big and ugly to come in, I suggest you try elsewhere.”

“I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard and asked him if he could say it again to make sure — he repeated ‘you’re too fat, you’re not getting in’.”

Being victimized on the grounds of your weight is enough to kill anyone’s good mood, and for Stacey and her friends, the party was over. The trio wearily marched back home without even stopping to grab a takeaway in a bid to lift their spirits.

“It was so uncalled for and I’ve never had anything so humiliating happen to me in my whole life. For us the night was completely ruined and we just went home.

“I’ve been in touch to report the incident since and ask for an apology but they don’t seem interested and I’ve had no response. I certainly won’t be going back and wanted to draw attention to it because I don’t think they should be allowed to speak to people like that.”

[Image Via The Mirror}