Obama Face ‘Watermark’ Found In NASA Animation Of Dwarf Planet Ceres — What Is NASA Up To This Time?

UFO hunters have spotted the pensive face of President Barack Obama in an animation of the dwarf planet Ceres by NASA.

And as UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Warring admits, the big face on Ceres bears a remarkable resemblance to President Barack Obama’s pensive face as shown in the photo above.

But while Waring thinks that a higher detail photo of Ceres would help to clear any remaining doubts about whose face is imprinted on the dwarf planet, fellow UFO enthusiasts would likely agree that even with the limited resolution it is clear that the image is the POTUS’.

Waring speculates that NASA could use the face as a “watermark” proclaiming the U.S. government’s ownership of Ceres and a warning to other alien species with plans to claim the dwarf planet that NASA got there first.

“This face is so big, it is probably there to send a message to all those traveling through the asteroid belt… that this area of space belongs to this species.”

Obama Face
Obama Face On Dwarf Planet Ceres

But it might be too late for the U.S. government to claim the dwarf planet, the largest object in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. This is because the appearance of Obama’s face on the dwarf planet comes a week after UFO hunters announced that the pair of mysterious bright spots on Ceres, recently detected by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, are likely beacons used to guide UFO spacecraft approaching the entrance to an underground alien base.

Obama Face
Obama Face On Ceres
Obama Face On Planet Ceres
Obama Face
Obama Face 'Watermark' On Ceres

According to Warring, a technological alien civilization is already established on Ceres and is probably using the dwarf planet as an outpost service station.

“These are massive doors that open to allow ships in and out. Yes, I’m saying Ceres was turned into an alien space station… where they live inside… underground where it’s safe.”

This is not the first time that the visage of President Obama has been found in an odd extraterrestrial location. Indeed, the special penchant of Obama’s facial likeness to appear in unlikely extraterrestrial locations is being interpreted in the UFO community as additional evidence backing up claims that Obama is the leader of an extraterrestrial “Tall White” alien race.

Close followers of news relating to the latest discoveries by Mars anomaly researchers will recall the recent spotting of Obama’s head on Mars.

While the appearance of Obama’s face on Ceres, soon after NASA’s Dawn spacecraft went into orbit around the planet, has raised questions in the online UFO community whether NASA is planning to contest ownership of the planet with the alien race that has already colonized it, it seems that NASA would have to back down because the alien race likely enjoys a military technological advantage over NASA.

Obam,a Head On Mars
Obama Head On Mars

But UFOlogists have detected other evidence of sinister goings-on on the dwarf planet Ceres.

Take a look at the NASA animation of Ceres once again. Why is a large swathe of the planet a dark patch?

Obama Face
Obama Face On Dwarf Planet Ceres

According to a UFO hunter who contacted Waring, NASA is at it again, conspiring to withhold information from the public.

“I wanted to inform you and your viewers of the face in this video: you can see a half or right side of a face, blacked out is the left side of the face, at 16, 22 seconds, and a few more times after that as Ceres rotates around. This part of the video was purposefully not shown on CNN. CNN stopped the video by the time the face was going to show up when Ceres rotated around.”

Waring also asks, “Why are they covering in darkness part of Ceres? What is so massive that NASA has to cover up 25% of the planet?”

Was NASA trying to hide something on Ceres? Has it anything to do with the mystery of the pair of bright spots on the dwarf planet? With Dawn spacecraft now parked in orbit around the planet, it must have begun sending new and clearer images that NASA scientists hope will solve the mystery of the pair of mysterious bright lights.

Has Dawn’s latest photos uncovered earthshaking evidence of alien presence on Ceres?

The Inquisitr won’t speculate further on what UFO hunters suspect CNN is helping NASA to hide. It is left to UFO experts to investigate and make their conclusions on the latest allegation of official UFO-alien cover-up.

The Inquisitr will keep readers updated on the latest results of research (lolz!) by the pioneers of the intriguing field of alien UFOlogy.

[Images: NASA; UFO Sightings Daily]