Brutal Beating Filmed: Brooklyn Teenager Arrested For Violent Attack

A video depicting a group of teenagers in a brutal beating filmed on Monday at a Brooklyn’s McDonald’s restaurant on Flatbush Avenue, has led to the arrest of a 16-year-old girl.

According to Nine MSN, the teenage girl who led several others girls into a brutal brawl that shocked the nation was arrested after police viewed the video. She has been identified as Aniah Ferguson, 16. Witnesses, including 16-year-old Sirkiem Brown, indicate that the assailant was looking for a fight as soon as she entered the restaurant.

“When the other girls came in… she knew it was about to happen.”

The video depicts several girls, who all appear to be teenagers, kicking, slapping, and pulling the hair of another girl, who has been identified as a young 15-year-old. Onlookers at the incident can be heard yelling and screaming during the almost three-minute beating, yet not even one person, including McDonald’s employees, stepped in to help until the victim fell limp on the ground.

Consequently, the 15-year-old teen was taken to the hospital shortly after, with a broken nose and several cuts and lacerations. At first she refused to be taken in for treatment, but a police source confirms she was treated and subsequently released on Wednesday.

The victim was able to communicate once she was released from the hospital, but Inquistr reports that she refuses to tell police the names of the rest of the girls who beat her up or even why the fight happened.

The New York Daily News reports that Ferguson’s past is muddled with a series of criminal offenses, which include a total of 16 arrests. Additionally, after beating the young teen until she almost passed out, Ferguson stole her cellphone and purse. She’s been charged with robbery and gang assault.

On Thursday, Ferguson was seen walking out of Brooklyn’s 70th Precinct stationhouse after her arrest. Several reporters tried to get her side of the story, but she ignored their requests as she walked away.

One can only hope that the victim will come forward with the names of the other suspects. Although she was lucky that she escaped the horrible beating alive, MSN reports that more and more people are getting away with heinous crimes each year, including murder. In many cases, it’s simply because victims and witnesses are just too scared to talk.

However, a brutal beating being filmed, showing a young girl who almost lost her life, should be enough for witnesses to stand up and help. Anyone with any information regarding the other assailants in the video should contact the police.

(Photo Courtesy of Pix 11.)