Burger King Kid’s Meal Takes a Healthy Turn

Burger King has quietly made a change to their menu. Parents who are looking purchase a kid’s meal for their children will notice a slight change to the options. As reported by Time, all of the sweet drink options for the kid’s meal are gone. The choices children will have is milk and apple juice.

Following the footsteps of McDonald’s and Wendy’s, Burger King becomes the latest of fast food chains to become health conscious when it comes to their kid’s menu.

In a statement to USA Today, Burger King North America president Alex Maceda stated that the move was made “as part of our ongoing effort to offer our guests options that match lifestyle needs.”

Grape soda, orange soda, and the multitude of other drink options will not be sold as part of any kid’s meal. The irony here is that most Burger Kings now have nearly 100 choices of soft drinks. Burger King is one of few food chains who carry Mello Yellow and various Coca Cola, Sprite, and Fanta options.

Powerade sports drinks are also sold in Burger King Restaurants.

The times are changing for fast food places like Burger King. Many big-box chains are providing healthier choices for not only children, but adults.

One can go to a McDonald’s and find different selections of salads. Wendy’s has followed suit. Even White Castles are thinking health conscious with their new veggie burger.

To keep up with the competition, Burger King added zero and low-calorie drinks. They also attempted to please consumers with the tasty “Satisfries,” but the reduced-fat french fries failed to leave a lasting impression. Burger King eventually removed “Satisfries” from two-thirds of their restaurants, according to Bloomberg Business.

As delicious as the “Satisfries” were, they did not sell as well as many at Burger King could have hoped. That will not be the case with the kid’s meals.

For the parents who cannot find a complementary drink choice for their kids, they can still order from the value menu and come out about the same, if not cheaper in price.

A cheeseburger will cost near the normal $1 price tag. Adding a value fry and a small soft drink, or an orange juice box, would cost an extra $2.50, approximately. So, parents can still save a little money while having the options of the aforementioned zero-calorie drinks and Powerade. Just sans the toy.

Parents, if you want your children to have healthy drink choices such as milk and apple juice, Burger King has officially joined McDonald’s in the fight for health awareness.