ISIS Training Ground Supposedly Infiltrated At Nevada County State Park — Satirical Hoax Article Tricks Conservative Readers

ISIS In Nevada Cave

The imminent infiltration of the Islamic State, specifically the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), into the United States has become a prevalent fear among Americans who value the American way of life. With countless news stories originating from the Middle East of ISIS restrictions, in which most Americans would violate and pay for with their lives under their Sharia Law, it is understandable why.

As a matter of fact, the Inquisitr reported numerous times on what happens to anyone who violates the radical interpretation of Sharia Law under ISIS. For the 21 percent of Americans who smoke, they’ll need to go cold turkey because under ISIS, smokers will die by beheading. Forget about using cell phones during bans, especially for women. Violators may lose their hands. And for those who identify with the LGBTQ lifestyle, they aren’t even considered human beings under ISIS. Without any defense in court, they’ll be blindfolded, thrown off of buildings, than stoned to death if they survive the fall.

With the fact that the aforementioned punishments under ISIS would surely bring misery to Americans, it has been relieving when news of an ISIS training ground was supposedly infiltrated and broken up in a Nevada County State Park made its rounds. Unfortunately for the conservative niche sites that helped push the article, it so happens the article is nothing more than a satirical hoax.

According to the original article by the Nevada County Scooper, an elaborate terrorist operation in Sierra Foothills state park, Malakoff Diggins, was infiltrated and broken up. The operation was written to be a collaboration between local authorities with Federal law enforcement. A spokesman for the local sheriff’s department even made a supposed statement on the operation.

“We got’ em. Initially we thought this was another Honey Oil operation until we saw various men coming and going who did not fit the profile of a typical ‘Ridge’ production facility. It was clear after the second day of surveillance that we needed to bring the feds in.”

The latter part of the article seems to take an outlandish direction, reporting that sources close to the remote state park say police seized a rather large cache of ranch salad dressing and deer pictures. Those two items alone stand out from the other listed seized items which includes automatic weapons and laptops. The unnamed spokesman yet again made a statement on behalf of the sheriff’s department on this enigmatic seizing.

“Yeah, the salad dressing thing is weird, but these fringe groups always have some strange artifact. We’ve seen this with the apocalyptic, end-of-the-world types who hoard beans and rice and Beatles memorabilia. It’s odd.”

The rest of the article seems to become more ridiculous with each passing sentence. In the end, it is evident that the article is satire. However, some news sites — mostly niche conservative — did not see that. Jews News is an excellent example in which they ran the article under their category “Diaspora,” a term which means a Jew who lives outside of Israel. Yet some sites who followed up understood the article was satire, using it to enforce the validity of other news. America’s Freedom Fighters is a testament to this, using the satire article to bring up valid reports of terrorist compounds in the United States, and how they are a huge danger to all Americans.

In conclusion, the satirical article has tricked many conservative readers who truly pass it on as factual. Some readers however do argue such an article actually mocks certain conservative views and stances. Either way, the fact such an article got enough traction is quite entertaining which in turn is debilitating since it poked fun at a serious situation here in the U.S.

[Image via Nevada County Scooper]