Jennifer Ullery Shot Her TV During Primus Music Video

Jennifer Ullery may lose her kids after she took to extreme measures to keep them from watching too much television. Fox News reports that the Illinois mother has been charged with multiple offenses, and now she faces the possible loss of her children after a violent display left her expensive television riddled with bullet holes.

The incident reportedly took place while her three children were watching television — music videos, in particular. The children — who are six-years-old, 11-years-old and 15-years-old — were watching a music video starring the band Primus. Deputy Chief Andrew Doles with the Algonquin Police Department addressed the incident with the media, sharing that the mom just couldn’t take it anymore, clearly driven over the edge by Les Claypool’s hypnotizing sounds.

“A music video by Primus set Mom off and she opened fire. Mom didn’t say anything, she just walked into the room and started shooting the TV.”

Fortunately, nobody was injured in the shooting, but it did in fact result in the arrest of Jennifer Ullery, who has been charged with three counts of endangering the health and safety of a child, unlawful possession of a firearm without a FOID card, and felony reckless discharge of a firearm. The Department of Children and Family Services also made an example of Ullery, and removed all three of her children from her custody. The kids have been placed in the custodial care of Ullery’s family, but reports haven’t indicated whether or not they’ve been returned to her since she’s been released on bail. She’s pleased not guilty to all of the charges, by the way.

Hilariously enough, Les Claypool of the band Primus has responded to the news of Jennifer Ullery shooting her television — a 50-inch Panasonic flat screen — and his comments were not at all surprising. Relix reports that the longtime musician spoke to their writers about the shooting and his thoughts on it.

“It doesn’t surprise me, I’ve been tempted to shoot at the TV when our videos come on as well. Especially that damn Beaver vid.”

Claypool was referring to one of his band’s hits “Winona’s Big Brown Beaver.” His attitude about the entire ordeal is also fitting to the signature style of Claypool and his band Primus. After all, their official band slogan is “Primus Sucks!”

Jennifer Ullery isn’t the only parent to lose her cool and go all guns-a-blazing while parenting. A dad achieved instant notoriety when he filmed himself shooting his daughter’s laptop full of holes in response to her pretty much being a teenager. The video, titled “Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen,” went viral as soon as it was published in 2012, and it currently has more than 40 million views.