Like Taylor Swift, Beyonce Accused Of Exploiting Good Deed For Publicity

Beyoncé just can’t catch a break these days. Bey thought she was doing a wonderful thing by sending a positive message to her backup singer suffering from cancer. Us tells its readers that Beyoncé was hoping for the best and wrote a sweet message to her backup singer, Tiffany Monique Riddick, as she battles cancer.

“We love you Tiffany,” Beyoncé wrote on her website Wednesday. “Wishing you a speedy recovery. Love, Beyoncé.”

Us notes that Riddick has worked on tour with Beyoncé since 2007. She has also been a backup singer for Kelly Clarkson, Stevie Wonder, Christia Aguilera, Anita Baker, and Mariah Carey. One would think that commenters on the article would be thankful to Beyoncé. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

“Anything for publicity,” a commenter named Sexyshills wrote. She was one of the nicer ones.

“I am positive it is only considered heartfelt because Beyonce wrote it on social media. How about send her flowers or visit her, this article was misleading to say the least!” an anonymous commenter spit out.

However, nothing could compare with this vile comment by PMarcasiam.

“Beyoncé is totally fake. I wouldn’t be surprised if she gave her backup singer cancer just so she could write a message on social media to make herself look good and have the media fawning over her again.”

It would be great to expose these people in public to see if they would still spill so much vile. People weren’t afraid to express themselves on Twitter either.


Beyoncé certainly isn’t the first pop star to receive a negative reaction for doing something most people consider good. Last month, Taylor Swift donated $50,000 to New York City public schools. Capital New York originally reported on Swift‘s donation.

“Swift, a recent New York City transplant, pledged in October to donate all the proceeds of her hit single ‘Welcome to New York’ to city education. Though Swift has yet to publicly announce her donation, Department of Education officials confirmed that she has already made at least one gift [the $50,000] to the school system.”

Twitter treated Swift almost as bad as Beyoncé by calling her “cheap,” and saying she was only donating to the cause for publicity. There were also articles criticizing Swift for throwing money at a “useless” cause. Like Beyoncé, Swift can’t win these days.

Let’s hope that Beyoncé continues to support her backup singer, who will hopefully recover from cancer. We need more people like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift in this world.

[Photo Source: The Daily Mail]