Good Advice In 4 Words? Viral Hashtag Causes Flood Of Tweets

good advice

Good Advice in 4 Words.

As a simple phrase, it seems like the perfect thought to share during an intense trivia game. It might even work very well as a very, very short self-help book.

As a viral hashtag on Twitter, however, it was the dynamite that led to a social media explosion on Twitter on Thursday.

#GoodAdviceIn4Words spawned an insane amount of memes, comments, links and even plugged advertisements from popular brands and online marketers — creating a seemingly unstoppable flood of tweets with that hashtag.

The vast majority of the 4-word messages shared could actually be considered good advice, such as the following.

  • Recognize your own abilities.
  • Be confident in yourself.
  • Stay cool. Embrace weird.
  • Do good towards others.
  • Invest in good people.
  • Stop talking and listen.
  • Focus on becoming better.
  • You make your destiny.

Quite a few celebrities even chimed in with helpful four-word comments of their own in response to the “good advice” hashtag.

However, the inspirational ones that are legitimately good advice are not necessarily the most popular tweets that have come from this particular viral hashtag.

As mentioned earlier, there was a little bit of everything that was included within the flood of good advice tweets.

For instance, there were a lot of #GoodAdviceIn4Words tweets about food and beverage choices.

Pop Culture

In addition to the numerous tweets related to eating and drinking, there were a lot of pop culture references made either through iconic catchphrases, captivating memes or just hilarious statements made about other trending topics.

Ironic Tweets

As is the case with any trending hashtag, there were also the ironic tweets that found creative ways to take jabs at criticizing the same hashtag that was being used.

Is it possible to offer good advice in 4 words? Apparently so!

Good advice can come in many different forms and sources. Some people turn to their spiritual books, such as Bibles and biblical aids. It can also be found within the pages of self-help books and manuals. You might even find some great advice inside of a fortune cookie or within the words of a close friend or relative.

However, the #GoodAdvicein4Words hashtag proved on Thursday that great advice can also be found via social media.

Whether you are looking for something inspirational, hysterical or even controversial, Twitter had it all on Thursday thanks to the #GoodAdviceIn4Words hashtag.

[Image Credit: Dollar Photo Club]