Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Disney Princess Rap Battle Is Off The Chain [Video]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Sarah Michelle Gellar is taking on a new enemy, Princess Belle, in a Disney princess rap battle for total princess domination.

Gellar was decked out in the full Cinderella formal and tiara with her stepsisters swaying to the beat for back up as she faced her opponent, Whitney Avalon, and her cronies, Pocahontas and Little Red Riding Hood.

Sarah, or “Cindy” as she calls herself in the video, starts off by touting the toughness of her crew, referring to the point in the story of Cinderella in which the stepsisters cut off their own toes in an effort to squeeze into the coveted glass slipper.

Whitney’s (or Belle’s) rebuttal is even more comical as Pocahontas and Red Riding Hood go full on back up rapper, “What’s my name? (Belle!) What’s it mean? (Beauty!) I’m the perfect combination of brains and beauty!” Avalon’s Belle then goes into mocking Gellar’s Cinderella and her lack of intelligence, “Fear the nerdy wordy princess, ’cause I’m throwing more shade than the willow tree growing on your dead mother’s grave!” Gellar’s shocked face that Avalon went there with a mama joke is hilarious.

Gellar and Avalon did a fantastic job combining the nostalgia of the classic Disney cartoons with just enough inappropriate adult humor to make it laugh out loud enjoyable.

Watch it here: