Kyle Richards On Brandi Glanville’s Slap And Her Complicated Relationship With Kim

Kyle Richards spoke out against her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star, Brandi Glanville, in her latest blog for Bravo.

Following a dramatic episode, which included several heated moments among co-stars as well as a slap in the face, Kyle Richards vented to fans, sharing her thoughts on the most shocking events of the episode.

“When it finally came time for Brandi to hear what we had to say about her, she just couldn’t hear it. Like I said in my interview, I don’t think she always likes herself all that much. In that moment, I felt bad for Brandi. Then, just when I started feeling sympathetic towards her, she goes and slaps Lisa V.”

Just one night prior, Kyle Richards was chastised for simply touching the arm of Glanville while they spoke, so, by most accounts, what Glanville did was highly hypocritical. Not only did Glanville engage in a physical altercation with Richards at Eileen Davidson’s poker night, she also threatened to knock her teeth out at a gay mixer just one episode later. Now, Glanville’s smacked Vanderpump in the face but still claiming to be a victim of her co-stars’ attacks.

Kyle Richards went on to slam Glanville for being in her sister’s ear and trying to turn her against her. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Glanville was seen talking to Kim Richards in a deleted scene, claiming Kyle Richards had been manipulating her for years, and encouraging Kim to distance herself from her. While Glanville claims she’s not in the middle of the two sisters, her actions appear to prove otherwise. Still, it’s her co-stars whom she calls hypocrites.

“Why doesn’t she remove herself and let me and my sister try to work things out instead of constantly being in her ear trying to turn against me? She keeps saying that she is her friend and has been there for Kim. What exactly has she done for her?”

Also during last night’s episode, Kyle Richards met with Yolanda Foster, who did her best to offer advice for how she and her sister can move forward. Unfortunately, as Kyle Richards explained, her and Kim’s issues stemmed far too deep to be broken down in one conversation.

“There is way too much baggage to explain to someone that is not family. I think it’s hard for someone like Yolanda to understand not just wanting to ‘patch’ things up, because she and her brother have a fun, easy going relationship. They are very fortunate. That doesn’t mean Kim and I don’t love each other. I love my sister very much and wish things were different.”

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