Zombies Challenge ‘Minecraft’ Console Dominance After Sony Updates PSN Sales Figures

Every month, Sony releases new charts that reveal the top-selling digital titles that were purchased through the Playstation Store over the previous period. While 4J Studios’ console editions of Minecraft are usually among the first few, best performing titles on both the PS4 and PS3, the popular block-building game slipped to a lower spot on Sony’s current-gen platform. The Playstation Network digital sales chart, which was released on the official Playstation Blog, saw an increase in titles that actually sold better than Minecraft‘s PS4 edition in February.

Topping the charts by moving more digital copies than any other Playstation 4 game this past month was Techland’s open-world zombie title, Dying Light. Meanwhile, 4J Studios’ PS4 port of Minecraft dropped down to the sixth spot on the list. While still high on the PS Store charts overall, this might seem low for Minecraft which is rarely seen outside of the top three spots on the monthly sales figure reports for the Playstation Network.


News that Minecraft was lower on the PS4 sales charts in February doesn’t mean that the voxel-based game is beginning to see a decline in sales itself. Last month saw many new video game releases which simply out sold Minecraft on the PS4. Following the best-selling performance of last month’s zombie-filled release of Dying Light, the Playstation 4 digital charts were also topped by Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Evolve, The Order: 1886, Life is Strange: Episode 1, and then finally Minecraft.

While Minecraft fell to a lower spot on the PS4 digital sales list, the game managed to hold on to its dominance on the Playstation 3 by once again becoming the number one entry for Sony’s last-gen console. Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto V followed Minecraft as the second and third top-selling PS3 titles in February, while Sword Art Online took the top honors on the PS Vta.

In addition to their commercial success, the 4J Studios console editions of Minecraft also continues to earn various accolades and critical praise. The developer announced earlier today that their Minecraft ports are up for two different awards at this week’s annual BAFTA ceremony.

Minecraft‘s Playstation editions still manage to sale well on the PSN charts month after month, even though they currently have fewer DLC options that Minecraft‘s Xbox counterparts. Several of the game’s add-ons that feature licensed characters are only available on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. However, as recently reported by the Inquisitr, 4J Studios has reassured fans that they soon hope to have all Minecraft content available to download across all platforms. This means that Minecraft fans would be able to enjoy the recent Star Wars and Simpsons themed DLC packs even on Playstation systems.

Did you contribute to Minecraft‘s ongoing success by picking up the game on the PS4 in February or were you one of the many who pushed Dying Light to the top of the charts?

[Images via 4J Studios, Twitter]