Stray Dogs Exact Revenge On Car: ‘Attacked’ Dog Calls Pack, Gets Payback On Motorist

dogs get revenge

In a “when animals attack moment,” a stray dog exacted revenge on a car in China after the canine was kicked for falling asleep in a parking spot. The photos of the pack of dogs getting payback by mauling the owner’s bright vehicle have gone viral, according to a Daily Mail report on this odd news story.

Every now and again, a story grips the attention of readers across the globe on a number of fronts. Many are touching and evoke emotions of grief: “Irish Setter Poisoned, Dies Amid Crufts Dog Show ‘Rivalry’ Investigation,” “Teens Arrested For Torturing And Shooting Dog They Tied To Railroad Tracks,” and others. As you can see, the two stories — and countless others like them — have one thing in common: abuse, at the hands of humans.

However, this time, the tables are turned: stray dogs got revenge on a car and its owner. Sources say a driver in Chongqing returned to his regular parking space recently, only to have a dog sleeping there and blocking his pathway. Upset by the sleeping hound, the driver gives it a swift kick in an effort to have it move along. But that’s when the driver’s actions woke up the “Cujo” in the stray animal.

Later, the pooch returned, and was accompanied by two of his friends. The pack of dogs then went to work paying back the abusive motorist over the parking spot while he was inside, unaware of the vandalism going on just outside.

A neighbor, with camera in hand, managed to capture the moment the angry birds, ahem, dogs, tore into the driver’s parked car. In the images, the stray pack goes to work on the fender, tires, and rims. Also, one of the canine accomplices stands on his hind legs and mauls the wiper blades.

There are stories of elephants that go bonkers occasionally on villages or circus handlers. Many reports suggest that an element of abuse existed beforehand. And it appears that stray dogs, like elephants, don’t forget. In this particular case, it’s not against the law to abuse or attack stray animals in China. As a consequence, residents often treat owner-less animals inhumanely. Many are even made to fight for sport.

They say the route to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But the pathway to revenge on a parking spot-raged driver is through his shiny bright car — compliments of a pack of stray dogs.

[Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images]