Kevin Durant Starts Twitter Battle With Former High School Opponent

Kevin Durant is currently recuperating from an injury to his heel, and obviously he’s rather bored while doing so.

That’s because the basketball star has taken to Twitter to argue with a former high school opponent who insisted that he held his own against Durant.

The man who decided to take on the Oklahoma City Thunder forward was Nate Flowers, who hails from Walford, Maryland, and played against Durant when they were in high school.

According to Bleacher Report, the pair either played on the same court when they were youth players in Maryland, or when Flowers was at Oklahoma University.

Flowers, who wasn’t drafted in 2011 and last played for Peru’s Real Club, decided to take to his Twitter account on Tuesday to boast about his accomplishment.

However, it turns out that there was one man who hugely disagreed with Flowers’ statement: Kevin Durant. The 26-year-old soon took to his Twitter account to respond to Flowers’ remark.

But rather than wilting under Durant’s response, Flowers questioned it.

At this point, Durant truly came out fighting as he specifically noted an occasion when he allegedly went toe-to-toe with Flowers and came out on top.

Flowers insisted that these games were a lot closer than Durant alluded to.

But Durant wasn’t having any of it. Because he only remembers one thing about the contest: him coming out victorious.

Memphis Glazer’s Tony Allen was even brought into the argument, as Flowers looked to prove that his initial point was still valid.

But Durant then only used Allen’s name in vain to prove how superior he was.

Unfortunately, the only thing that this argument categorically proved is that Durant should probably stay off Twitter during his recovery.

[Image via Perform Group]