Robert Carradine, Wife Survive Head-On Collision With Semi-Truck

Actor Robert Carradine was involved in a life-threatening automobile accident last week with a semi-truck.

According to TMZ, the 60-year-old actor experienced a head-on collision with the semi-truck.

Further reports confirm that Carradine crossed the dividing line of a Colorado highway shortly before slamming into a semi-truck at 2:17 p.m. on Thursday, March 5.

According to the Cortez Journal, Colorado State Patrol Sergeant James Saunders issued an official statement about the events leading up to the head-on collision.

“[Robert Carradine] was northbound on Highway 145 and drove right into the oncoming lane. There were no apparent contributing factors.”

Based on the post-collision pictures that were released online, Carradine’s vehicle (a 2003 Mercury Marauder) was completely destroyed by the crash.

At the time of the accident, Robert was driving in his car alongside his wife, Edith Carradine. As confirmed by the Colorado State Patrol, neither alcohol nor speed played a role in the cause of the nearly fatal crash.

The conditions of the road did not play a factor either since the road at the scene of the accident was reportedly dry.

Although they were both suffered serious injuries and were transported to the hospital, Sgt. Saunders confirmed the one thing that apparently saved the lives of Robert and Edith Carradine.

“The fact that they were wearing seatbelts is why they are with us today.”

The Carradine couple was reportedly transferred to the Mercy Regional Medical Center located in Durango, Colorado.

Due to the reported lane violation, Robert Carradine was issued a ticket for careless driving.

The start of Robert Carradine’s acting career extends back more than four decades. However, one of his most memorable movie roles was as Lewis Skolnick in the 1980s movie franchise, Revenge of the Nerds.

The success of that popular franchise played a major role in the development of the popular reality competition TV series, King of the Nerds, which premiered in 2013.

The thought that goes into each @KingofNerdsTBS episode is just wonderful, thanks! @bobbyislewis and @curtisisbooger #nerdsrule

— Zoey Monroe (@RealNikkiB) March 9, 2015

Robert Carradine both produced and hosted the show alongside his former Revenge of the Nerds co-star, Curtis Armstrong.

[Image Credit: Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images & The Cortez Journal]