Prince Starting Tour With ‘Love Bomb’ A Coincidence For Louisville, Kentucky?

Prince and his band, Third Eye Girl, have started off their Hit and Run Tour with a bang in Louisville, Kentucky. It is nice to hear from Prince, since fans have not seen much of him lately — except during the 2015 Grammys. True to their promise to blast through towns without notice as the premise behind their 2015 tour, is it a coincidence that Prince has chosen Louisville, Kentucky, as the place for the first “Love Bomb”?

In February, Louisville learned that they will have Prince Charles of England as a guest, according to a press release on His Majesty’s personal website. By March 6, everyone had forgotten about that Prince in the media because the Prince was going to “love bomb” Louisville. While the references might not be linked, this will actually be the third instance, including the one from Prince, that a Love Bomb has shown up in the media in Louisville.

The first Louisville Love Bomb outside of Prince is linked to a bike stand that is in the works to replace a ghost bike for a young woman named Jen Futrell that was killed on Baxter Avenue in Louisville in 2008. According to Fausta’s Stories, Jen Futrell designed a philosophy and symbol called the Love Bomb in the year before her death that she spray-painted throughout the city.

What city do you want to get #LOVEBOMBED on the #HITANDRUN #TOUR? #PRINCE @HannahFordDrums @DonnaGrantis @idanielsenbass


Could it be that Jen Futrell’s Love Bomb vision was one of the reason’s Prince chose Louisville as his first Love Bomb target? Along those lines, another Louisville group has also taken up love bombing in Thoroughbred Park, according to WKYT News.

While these are all interesting theories, one of the most likely reasons that Prince chose Louisville for his first Love Bomb is due to Hannah Welton. A former Louisville native, she is returning to her hometown with Prince as a drummer for the band Third Eye Girl. Prince announced his new tour style of not pre-planning tour dates and ticket sales on March 6, according to Pitchfork Magazine.

Within 24 hours, Prince stated that the tour would begin in Louisville, Kentucky, at the Louisville Palace Theater. From there, things escalated quickly once the venue was secured and the Prince tickets were officially announced as going on sale on Monday, March 9, at 10 a.m. Louisville Business Journal said the tickets sold out so quickly that Prince immediately decided to do additional shows instead of just one on March 14.

By March 11, the Courier Journal announced that the number of shows Prince would perform on March 14 and 15 was four. About the return-Love-Bombing that Prince and Third Eye Girl have been shown, Hannah Welton said to Louisville music writer, Jeffrey Lee Puckett, the following.

“I am blown away by the love and support that Louisville is showing us — it’s awesome… I’m so honored and humbled and beyond excited to come play at home. There are no words for how excited I am.”

Hannah Welton also talked about Prince and the upcoming Louisville shows with Laura Shine on WFPK Public Radio. Although she speaks humbly, it is clear that Prince has placed a lot of confidence in 24-year-old Hannah Welton because he enlisted her to choose a guitarist for Third Eye Girl — and then later declared that Hannah’s choice, Donna Grantis, was his “favorite guitar player.”

Kentucky residence: — PURPLESSENCE (@PURPLESSENCE) March 12, 2015

What will the Prince show in Louisville be like? Hannah Welton told music writer Jeffrey Lee Puckett of the Courier Journal the following about the upcoming Prince shows.

“We’ve never played a full setlist the way it was written out at the beginning of the show… And I just want to say that these Louisville shows coming up are going to be jam-packed full of the funkiest hits people have ever heard. I just want to throw that out there.”

Will there be more Love Bombing in Louisville’s near future from Prince and the band? The word on the street (found in the form of Twitter) is that Prince and company will be taking up a “Kentucky Residence” in the form of a contest, according to Prince’s @Purplessence account. Prince will also debut a new song called “What If” from his upcoming album on 91.9 WFPK Radio Louisville at approximately 6 p.m. on March 12.

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