Groom Who Had A Baby And Got Married On The Same Day Pint Glassed Guest At Wedding

A couple who got married on the same day that the bride gave birth had one of the most bizarre wedding days one can imagine, especially when the groom decided to smash a guest over the head with a pint glass at the wedding reception.

When Karl and Jasmine Storey tied the knot at Gretna Green in Scotland at the end of last year, it was just a few hours after she had given birth to a beautiful baby boy who they named Anthony.

The Newcastle Crown Court heard that the groom saw his brother, Dale Storey, having an altercation with another guest. That’s when he decided to intervene and smash the guest with the glass.

The victim of the attack was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Prosecutor Emma Dowling discussed the altercation in court today.

“The victim’s daughter works at the bar where the reception was taking place. She finished her shift and got very drunk very quickly leading to her and her father leaving the bar. As they were leaving, the victim heard whispers that Dale Storey had purposely got her very drunk with heavy spirits and potentially spiked her. He returned to the bar to confront him and pushed Dale. Karl Storey comes across and strikes him in the face with a pint glass before Dale joins in and gets the victim in a headlock before numerous punches are thrown.”

Despite the incident, which is a tragic one to take place at a wedding of all places, the groom said about his new son, “He was as good as gold during the ceremony and it’s turned out to be the most amazing day of my life. I can’t take it all in.”

When it came to defending Karl’s action, his lawyer, Donald Mcfall, told the jury, “The defendant comes from a stable home, is a very dedicated family man and is a hard working individual. He has four children which requires a great deal of dedication. Karl and his brother were simply standing in the reception when Karl saw his brother being attacked and he’s then reacted to it.”

Storey was sentenced to a one-year community order as well as 100 hours unpaid work and to pay compensation of $150.