WWE News: WWE Secretly Comes To Terms On Monday To Re-Sign WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar?

Brock Heyman

WWE has been trying for months to re-sign current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar to a new WWE contract. The issue has been that the last few months talks have not gone well between the two parties. In fact, a recent contract talk broke down so badly both Lesnar and Vince McMahon reportedly had a shouting match with one another. It was so bad that people feared for Vince’s life. Lesnar ended up walking out WWE RAW that night as a result.

Lesnar then ended up showing up at a UFC PPV that following weekend, which he knew would get to WWE and Vince in particular. Many thought that Lesnar was pulling out a power play to work against WWE and McMahon in hopes of getting a contract with everything he wanted. According to a recent report, this may have worked out for The Beast Incarnate.

While WWE did have a talent meeting this past Monday at WWE RAW, Vince McMahon and Triple H also met with Brock Lesnar. This time around, talks seemed to be a lot better than in the past. Most would assume that is so due to Triple H being present as he has seemingly done no wrong when in negotiations with talent the last few years.

While The Wrestling Observer reports that nothing has changed in regards to Lesnar’s standing with WWE, that might be both true and untrue. Daily Wrestling News reports that while it was uncertain what WWE spoke about with Lesnar, it was assumed to be regarding his contract. It could very well be that an agreement was reached quietly this week. This is not without some proof either.

The buzz at WWE RAW was that Paul Heyman’s promo regarding WWE and UFC was a clear indication to many that Lesnar has come to some sort of agreement as WWE would never allow the usage of UFC in the content Heyman used it. If Lesnar was indeed out soon, WWE would not want to give people any incentive to go watch UFC for him.

Coming out of RAW this week, Vince was still very confident he will be able to get a deal done to keep Brock Lesnar. While it uncertain if he can, there seems to be more and more indications they he will or already has secretly sealed Lesnar up for another run with WWE. Keep in mind, Brock makes a lot of money with WWE and that certainly isn’t changing. He works very little and it is only for televised events.

So really, for the money and time he has to work…there is no reason to leave. This is why some have speculated that Lesnar might be trying to get a contract that would allow him to fight with UFC while under WWE contract. However, this would probably never happen. Lesnar has not fought with the UFC since 2011 and he going to be 38 this summer. His fighting days may be past him, but he knows he could easily have a number of years left with WWE. The time is now to make all the money he can, and WWE offers that and much more.

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