Kandi Burruss Slammed By Peter Thomas Over Marriage To Todd Tucker

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss has been fighting for her marriage all season, as she thought that Todd Tucker was cheating on her when he was working in Los Angeles. Kandi didn’t have any concrete evidence, but he wasn’t coming home and asking her for sex. Plus, Burruss had hoped to get pregnant by now, but they aren’t having enough sex to make it happen.

Since Kandi Burruss put her marital troubles on national television for all to judge, her co-stars have plenty of things to say. Even Burruss’ close friends were shocked to learn that Kandi was having troubles after just six months, she was determined to make it work. Burruss even took her husband to therapy.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss may be shocked to know that Cynthia Bailey’s husband, Peter Thomas, was tweeting his opinion about the marriage on Twitter. Clearly, Thomas feels that Kandi’s marriage is in trouble if they are already struggling in the sex department after just six months.

“If a person have to go through all of that to f—k their partner then there was nothing there to begin with. I would just walk away,” Peter Thomas tweeted about Kandi Burruss’ marriage after Sunday’s episode aired.

Of course, Kandi Burruss tends to stay out of the drama. But Todd Tucker and Peter Thomas are friends, so it is interesting that Peter is sharing such thoughts on Twitter. It is very interesting that Peter is dishing out his thoughts about Kandi’s marriage, especially since Porsha Williams has been accusing Peter of cheating.

But Thomas isn’t the only one who has questioned Kandi’s marriage. Claudia Jordan also tweeted that Burruss needed to get a new husband, one who would accept her for who she is and what she does, according to the Inquisitr.

“Ladies if your man doesn’t want to touch you cause you wrapped your hair at night… get a new man! He’s delivert!” Claudia Jordan revealed on Twitter, indirectly slamming Todd Tucker, adding, “Ladies the fellas in studio do NOT approve of wearing hair bonnets 2 bed at night cause its not sexy-but whats NOT sexy is the next morning!”

Kandi Burruss may be taking her co-stars’ advice with a grain of salt. Burruss did try to make it work with a marriage counselor, but she later revealed that the couple is still struggling.

What do you think about Kandi Burruss’ co-stars?

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