Ali Vs Rousey: Ronda Rousey Responds To Laila Ali Jab With One Of Her Own

Laila Ali and Ronda Rousey are in the middle of a battle of words, and Rousey is more than willing to take that battle inside the octagon if Ali thinks she can beat her. According to Bleacher Report, Rousey responded to Ali’s comments made during an impromptu interview with TMZ in Los Angeles.

Laila Ali made a comment that Rousey could not ignore during the short interview.

“No woman in the world can beat me. Period. She’s too much smaller than me anyways. She’s like the size of my daughter. My three-year-old.”

Ali retired from the boxing ring in 2007 after winning 24 matches. With a record of 24-0, she is undefeated, and 21 of those wins came via knockout. She knows her way around a boxing ring, but does she know her way around an octagon?

Rousey is ready to find out, but it is not likely Ali will take her up on the offer. Rousey spoke out about Ali’s comments when she spoke with the Daily Beast.

“If she wants to take me up on that, I’m around. She’s retired and has several kids. I understand why she’d think that because she has a size advantage, but if you saw my last fight it had nothing to do with size or strength at all. That’s not how I beat people. So you can’t count having a size and strength advantage as having a real advantage against me.”

Some fans have taken their thoughts on the potential fight to social media, and fans feel Rousey would beat Ali if the match actually happened.

In Rousey’s last match, she took down Cat Zingano in 14 seconds to hold onto the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship. Rousey has no one left to fight in her weight class.

Would she fight a man? A previous Inquisitr report shared her answer to that question recently.

“I never say that I’m incapable of beating anybody, because I don’t believe in putting limits on myself. So I mean, I would have to say if you’re just talking about what’s in the realm of possibility of what’s possible of who I could beat, well, I could beat 100 percent of them. But you can’t tell me that there’s a zero percent chance that I can beat anyone on the planet, so I’m never gonna say that.”

The MMA fighter has made it known she will not fight forever. She has already started a movie career with an appearance in The Expendables 3. She will next be seen in Furious 7 and Entourage on the big screen.

Rousey is receiving a lot of attention now. Manny Pacquiao even spoke about Rousey during an event on Wednesday for his fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr., according to the Huffington Post.

“I believe so. She’s strong. [Rousey’s] strong enough to beat Floyd Mayweather in MMA.”

Pacquiao even invited Rousey to his fight on May 2 at the Staples Center. Rousey had expressed her desire to attend the match before her match against Zingano, but now she will not have to worry about paying for a ticket.

What do you think of all the interest around Rousey? Should she get in the ring with Ali?

[Photo: Harry How/Getty Images]