Prank Gone Wrong: Mothers Suffer Horrific Face Injuries After Having Heads Bashed Together

Newcastle pub

In a prank gone wrong last Friday night, two mothers who went out for a night on the town ended up with matching injuries after their heads were bashed together by would-be pranksters as a joke.

The two victims, 31-year-old Joanne Baker and 37-year-old Gayle Smart, were both left with deep cuts above their eyes while they stood outside the Rose and Crown on Newgate Street in the UK.

The friends had gone to the pub along with Baker’s boyfriend, John Burton, as she explained to reporters, “We had been in the pub then we went outside then the next thing I remember is our heads were banged together.

While neither of the women realized quite how serious their injuries were, a waitress from the pub said, “As far as I can remember I was just outside having a cigarette and our heads were just smashed together.”

In recalling the traumatic and painful incident, Baker said, “I just saw Gayle’s face and I was more concerned about her. But she was looking at me and asking me if I was OK. When I got home I was really shocked. The cut was so deep I had to have internal stitches and eight external stitches.”

She added, “When my kids saw it they nearly passed out. I had to tell my daughter it was fancy dress because she was so shocked. I’m going to be scarred for life. I just can’t believe all this has happened just from going to a bar. It just doesn’t make sense.”

While the police have opened a case file for the incident, as it was meant to be a prank, it has so far been difficult for them to bring any legal action against the perpetrator.

For the time being, the two moms say they are off the idea of visiting Newcastle town center for drinks anytime soon as they recover from their ordeal.