Kelsey Poe Admits Being A Moron, Calls ‘Bachelor’ Girls ‘Lowlifes’

Bachelor star Kelsey Poe was shocked to learn how people were seeing her after her portrayal on the show. Poe was often saying that she was so much better than the other ladies, which made viewers question her intentions. It was hard for her to be real on the show, and viewers did not feel bad for Kelsey for losing her husband, as she wasn’t relatable.

Maybe Kelsey Poe is realizing that she looked ridiculous on the show because she is now starting to retract some of the things that she has said. In shocking new statements, Kelsey admits that she didn’t like the way she looked on The Bachelor. In fact, Poe is being rather harsh when describing her portrayal on the show.

According to a new Radar Online report, Bachelor star Kelsey Poe is now revealing that she looked ridiculous on the show. Chances are that she would do it differently if she had a second chance.

“I wanted to be happy and not the depressing widow, so I put a fake brave face on it, so I wouldn’t be the sad one in the room. But to be honest, there is no positive way to tell someone you are a widow. Even friends get uncomfortable or any new acquaintance that asks me my situation,” Kelsey Poe has revealed, adding, “So I told a sad story with a happy face, which was somewhat of an oxy-moron, and left me looking like a bit of a moron. It backfired, and I should have just owned my truth because it is part of who I am.”

Kelsey Poe had hoped that her story would give her some sympathy with the viewers, but her personality, big words, and harsh comments in regards to the other ladies didn’t give her any support or sympathy. And even though Poe may be regretting her behavior, Kelsey still has some tough words about the other women.

“As for the low-life girls on the show, they were far more manipulative and scheming than anything I would have done, so I am happy to say I can live with my mistake as it hurt nobody but me. Some of them, on the other hand, were a ‘scratch your eyes out’ attacking bunch, but not all of them. Some women really have no concept of ‘sisters looking out for each other,'” Kelsey Poe has revealed.

Since wrapping up the show, Kelsey has released pictures of her late husband, Sanderson Poe, to silence the skeptics. In addition, Poe has gone after Chris Soules, slamming his non-articulate ways as he communicated with the ladies on the show, according to the Inquisitr.

What do you think of Kelsey Poe’s changing personality?

[Image via ABC]