Ferguson Police Shooting: Details Released On Two Police Officers Shot And Injuries Both Suffered

Heather Tooley

No suspects from the Ferguson police shooting of two officers late Wednesday night have yet been found, but more details on the victims are being released.

KFVS 12 News reports that one of the officers shot is a 14-year veteran from St. Louis County, 41, and the other is a seven-year veteran from Webster Groves, 32. Both are reportedly in serious condition but expected to recover.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar says authorities "perhaps" have leads on the shooter -- or shooters -- responsible, but he is waiting for more information from investigators before commenting on the Ferguson police shooting that happened outside the Ferguson Police Department.

Chief Belmar gave a statement about the severity of the police officers' injuries.

"With both officers, we don't have any remarkable long-term injuries. It wasn't in somebody's brain or heart or anything like this. But you need to know, these officers took a very hard hit. Anytime you get shot in the face and have a bullet lodged in your head, anytime that you have a through and through wound where the bullet enters your shoulder and comes out the middle of your right back, those are hard hits. So we're lucky, by God's grace, that we didn't lose two officers last night."

People's Pundit Daily offers a little more on the police officers' injuries. The 41-year-old was shot in the shoulder around midnight and the 32-year-old was struck in the face. Both were rushed to a local hospital.

Belmar says in this report that three shots are believed to have come from a house across the street from the police department. He insists that "these shots were directed exactly at my officers."

Chief Belmar has said all along that it's difficult to sustain this type of unrest without some problems. The Ferguson police shooting is an example of how dangerous an environment the police officers are in.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Police Chief Tom Jackson's resignation was announced Wednesday afternoon, and the protests erupted soon afterwards. Jackson is the sixth employee of the Ferguson Police Department to be fired or resign after the Justice Department cleared Darren Wilson of all charges in the fatal Michael Brown shooting last August.

Authorities continue narrowing down their search for the person or persons involved in the Ferguson police shooting of two police officers.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]