Ashlee Martinson: Teen Girl Locked Sisters In Bedroom After Killing Their Parents

Ashlee Martinson, 17, from a rural town in Wisconsin, is accused of locking her sisters in a bedroom after killing her parents.

The gruesome crime happened on Sunday. Martinson allegedly shot her stepfather, Thomas Ayers, 37, and then fatally stabbed her mother, Jennifer Ayers, 40. After the killings, Martinson gathered her three young sisters, ages 2, 8, and 9, and herded them into a bedroom. Martinson told her sisters that they were playing a game. She then tied the door shut, effectively locking the girls into the room, and fled the scene. She did, however, leave the children with access to juice and food.

The youngest child was the child of both Thomas and Jennifer Ayers; the other two were the children of Thomas Ayers from a previous relationship.

At least one of the sisters saw some of the struggle between Martinson and the parents, as well as seeing the dead body of Thomas Ayers, WAOW reports.

“Martinson’s 9-year-old sister told investigators that she was in the living room, downstairs at the home, with her mother when she heard two gunshots.

“The mother rushed upstairs, yelled for her younger daughter who then went upstairs and saw Martinson and her mother fighting, the complaint said.”

The little girl also told police that although her older sister denied killing their parents to her, she knew that her dad was dead because she saw that “his head was cracked open.”

After locking her sisters in a room, Martinson did not just flee the scene — she fled the state, as well, along with her boyfriend. Police do not believe that Martinson’s boyfriend had anything to do with the murders of the girl’s parents, but the two were headed for Tennessee, where the boyfriend has familiar connections.

“We’re not sure anyone else acted with her,” Oneida Sheriff’s captain Terri Hook said in an interview with WAOW. “We’re just trying to put it all together.”

The couple’s vehicle, however, was spotted in Indiana, and they were apprehended by police there just hours after one of the sisters managed to call 911 from their home. Martinson currently remains in custody in Indiana, where she is fighting extradition. She faces charges of intentional homicide as well as additional charges of false imprisonment in Wisconsin, where she is being charged as an adult.

The boyfriend, Ryan Sisco, 22, did not fight extradition, and although not suspected of being involved in the murders, was arrested on a probation violation.

No motive has been discovered or released as of yet, although it is reported that Ashlee Martinson kept a blog that focused on Gothic fiction and murder fantasies.

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