Hell has come to Web 2.0 and social media

Spam especially the sexually related stuff has to be the bane of our online existence. After all how many Viagra or Grow a Bigger Dick spam emails do you have to get before you literally want to start choking people. That was one of the nice things about Twitter and FriendFeed – other than the idiot carpet bombing marketers trying to play the Follower Game it has been pretty quiet for outright spam.

That is until today. If what I say on my FriendFeed page is any indication I have discovered the newest type of spam – Social Media Comment Spam. Interestingly enough while I was writing this my FriendFeed page refreshed in the background and that piece of spam was *poof* gone. I don’t know if it was something FriendFeed did or not but the fact that it happened is possibly an indication of what we have to look forward – Not!

Thank goodness for screen captures.