Kim Cattrall Unimpressed With Jamie Dornan’s Hotness, Prefers ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody

Sorry, Jamie Dornan. You may have sizzled on the silver screen in Fifty Shades of Grey, but the queen bee of female sexuality, Kim Cattrall, thinks you’re just plain dull.

So unimpressed is Cattrall with Dornan’s sex appeal that the Sex and the City actress has no plans to watch Fifty Shades of Grey, the Independent reported.

“Maybe it’s my age, but (Jamie Dornan) doesn’t look like a man to me. He looks like a young boy. I like men to look like men … I saw the preview and you know they say in three seconds you can tell if you find someone attractive or not? Well, I just thought, ‘no.'”

In fact, the man of Kim Cattrall’s, 58, dreams is none other than “Mad Eye” Moody himself – the wonky-eyed wizard from the Harry Potter films – Brendan Gleeson, 59.

“If he were Brendan Gleeson — well, there’s a little something going on there, you know, the twinkle in the eye…”

However, it’s hard to imagine “Mad Eye” Moody replacing Jamie Dornan in those steamy play room scenes.

Cattral’s remarks about Dornan’s looks may not do much for his self-esteem. The actor is apparently a little insecure, ET Online added, and in an interview with Glamour Magazine, criticized his rather youthful appearance.

“From when I was 12 to when I was 27, I looked aggressively young for my age. I hated it. I think that’s why I love having a beard — it’s some kind of proof that you’re a man.”

Though Jamie is still no Brendan Gleeson, and not hot enough to impress Kim Cattrall, Dornan is evidently sexy enough to warrant starring in his own coloring book.

Fellow heartthrobs Benedict Cumberbatch and Ryan Gosling have appeared in similar coloring books, created by Mel Elliot, Metro reported. Dornan is posed in various settings as Christian Grey, ready and waiting for the diehard Fifty Shades of Grey fan to fill him in with color – inside the lines, of course.

Lucky for Jamie, Elliot is far more enraptured with his sexuality than Kim Cattrall, as the book’s creator revealed while explaining why she made this bizarre coloring book.

“I absolutely loved ‘The Fall,’ and even though Jamie played a really creepy serial killer, I couldn’t help it. He’s almost too handsome!”

You can buy this book at the I Love Mel website. No word yet on whether Cattrall intends to pick one up.

[Photo Courtesy Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]