Anjelica Hadsell Update: Did Police Find Evidence In Park?

Is the search for Anjelica Hadsell near its end? Police in Norfolk, Virginia, have reportedly searched a park after they received a tip that led them in that very direction. This shocking update was broke in the early morning hours, so the details are still developing. Local TV station 10 WAVY News reports that the police in Norfolk had searched throughout the night, quietly looking for evidence in the search for the missing coed.

So far no reports have been released with any indication that anything’s been found in the recent search. Furthermore, police aren’t sharing the details surrounding the tip they received that led them to the Norfolk park in the first place. Pilot Online reports that the police still don’t suspect foul play, even though she’s been missing for more than a week in a case that has led them to searching parks in the middle of the night while their community slept.

On social media, the interest in AJ Hadsell’s case is only growing with each day that passes that she isn’t found. The hashtag #BringAJHome is being shared on both Facebook and Twitter, where conversation and information is being shared by the missing coed’s parents, siblings and close friends, as well as members of her community. Some people in her community have used the hashtag to express concern that her case isn’t getting enough attention, because she’s a student at a lesser-known Virginia college — Longwood University.

Her parents have also used social media to spread awareness of the search on the Bring AJ Home Facebook page. They’ve recently shared that someone is interfering with the investigation with flyers containing false information. The flyer offers a reward of $25,000 — an amount that is not being offered by the family of the missing woman. The reward on the unofficial flyer has not been confirmed, and the family is not approving of it. As of now the official reward being offered by the missing woman’s loved ones is at $3,000.00.

ABC 13 News reports that billboards have gone up in Virginia asking for information about Anjelica’s disappearance. The billboards have been up since Monday along interstates in Hampton Roads. This is a high traffic area so it’s hopeful that plenty of people will see Anjelica Hadsell’s face and info. It’s clear that everyone in the area surrounding her disappearance is pulling together to find her, but where is she? Police in Norfolk have not acknowledged whether or not anything was found in their overnight park search, so there still remains more questions than answers in this case.

[Photo: via Facebook]